So finally the month of love is over! I for one am quite happy and ready for spring to get a move on (and pancake day) so I can be a little less numb when stepping outside. Though I did see my first bluebottle of the year yesterday and I absolutely hate flies with a passion, I think I have a mix of phobia and pure hate when it comes to flies, yuck, the one reason I hate summer is flies in your house. or just anything that buzzes really, wasps too (bee's are just about okay). 
University is picking up pace now and I have a growing list of things to do, though I am trying to plan my time so that my blog will still have regular posts of every other day, though sometimes it's every three days and I do feel a little guilty. I can't wait to be able to dedicate more time to this space. 
I have been taking advantage of instagram a lot more lately and I love using the 'afterlight' app to make my pictures prettier! Increasing the brightness always does the trick, plus I've been using my iPad which has better camera quality than my super old iPhone. You can search fragmentedsplendour to follow me or just click here if you're signed in online! (or if you don't have instagram you can catch up with my feed in the sidebar!) Lots of skincare, my beautiful pets and musings about midi rings.

I have fallen behind on blog reading lately, hundreds of posts to catch up on in my bloglovin feed this weekend! but here are a few of my favourites this month...

Blogs to follow

Posts to read

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