A few weeks ago I reached the point where I was sick of liquid foundation, just so bored of the same routine. My only two options were No7 & Benefit which I'd been blending together to get my perfect shade, and that was it day in - day out for over a year. I'd tried a few samples of some natural liquid foundation, but nothing fit the bill and I didn't want to commit to any full sizes. I have been thinking about mineral makeup for quite some time now as another option for a natural base, there are a lot of brands and options and the shades tend to run a lot paler than some liquid or cream options.
I had looked at Lily Lolo online quite a few times and seen lots of good reviews, especially from Jennie so I was even more interested when I saw them relaunch a few weeks ago with a completely new look - sleek and simple with a B&W theme, right after my own heart. I quickly ordered 3 foundation samples without putting too much thought into the shades, I'm pretty darn pale so just went for the 3 lightest options at £1.49 each, Porcelain, China Doll & Blondie.
They turned up a few days later in their dinky pots with matching Lily Lolo branding - a nice touch. I immediately got to work investigating colours, Porcelain is almost white, it is VERY pale and my photo does not do it justice (top right) though I think at the point of the photo being taken I had stupidly gone and mixed in a darker Jane Iredale foundation that I had never been able to use so it is shown a bit darker here (More on Jane Iredale soon). To my eye China Doll and Blondie are almost identical but the camera really shows their undertone clearly as either pink or yellow. Again both of these are wonderful light shades and I can use either shade without an issue, a great benefit of mineral foundation. 

The finish of this foundation isn't powdery or cakey in the slightest though you obviously do have to moisturise well before hand. I've been using my regular Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply as I'm not a fan of kabuki brushes. I simply tap and swirl (in a bigger spare lid pot I found, not those tiny things) and apply. Applying took a bit of getting used to as it took me a lot longer than usual at first but I'm getting speedier by the day, I start by buffing a light layer all over in circular motions then apply more in the areas needed by tapping and pushing the foundation onto skin, this way I can easily build up quite decent coverage, needing only a dab of concealer on scars afterwards (or before).
I'm definitely considering a full size purchase as Lily Lolo is one of the most affordable natural foundations I've tried at only £13.49 for a pot that could easily last you a year. & I still have another week or two of my samples left yet! 

Do you use a mineral foundation?