What better way to start a monday than with some positivity! Time for my two cents on the blogger love tag, I love sharing some blogger love! ;)

What was the first blog you ever came across?
This is a tough one because I was reading blogs before I even knew what blogs were (that sounds weird but I was really into Livejournal and then Tumblr for many years), but I remember MilkteefSailboat, Love Taza and A Beautiful Mess were on my radar before I really 'got into' blogs, subscribing via GFC and all that.. 

Favourite blog reads
Well this is super tough, for now I'll say JennyPurr, Genuine Glow, Call It Vanity, Nouvelle Daily and From Roses off the top of my head.

Best blogging friend
Well I talk to Jen from JennyPurr nearly everyday about everything and nothing (spots, cats and face masks are often hot topics) so I guess you could say she's da bomb.

Name a blog that enables your purchases 
Beauty By Britanie, she makes green beauty totally GLAM.

5 blogs everyone should be reading
Basically just additions to my favourite blogs list... Short, Small & Sweet, Nothin' Fancy, Really, No More Dirty Looks, Fern Elizabeth and Sparkly Vodka.

Your favourite way to read blogs
Bloglovin like usual, so easy to keep track of, but also so easy to fall behind and suddenly have hundreds of posts to read! I also use feedly to read the blogs I used to follow with Google Reader but check that less often (currently at 700+ unread posts!).

Bloggers that inspire you
I adore A Beautiful Mess, I've been following for many years and have seen Elsie's blog thrive into this amazing business, now with her sister Emma and a whole team too! They recently bought a house to convert into a studio and just wow, so many home DIY's to inspire me for my future house. I also love their photography and have learnt so much from them!

Favourite blog design/look
Definitely WishWishWish and Gh0stparties. I love the dreamy aesthetic of Carrie's blog and how clean, organised and simple Kate's blog always is.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Getting to know people I would have previously never have known is a big one, but also some of the wonderful opportunities that have emerged thanks to having my blog, like writing for Nouvelle Daily. There's also so much inspiration every single day from every blog I follow, be it beauty or DIY or lifestyle, everyone is so positive and happy to share that I can't help but find it contagious.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future
Well I would have said ABM, but they already have! So maybe Nouvelle?? ;)