Everything must come to end, and sometimes it just so happens that everything comes to an end all at once! Not everything here is actually empty (hence the 'almost' - an idea stolen from Jen) but seeing as I seem to do empties posts only twice a year I though I'd gather up a few things that are about to bite the dust too. 

Running from left to right first up we have the Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk. How many times have I mentioned this on the blog, about twelve dozen I'm guessing but we were a match made in heaven and I did do an overdramatic sob when it finally coughed up it's last little bit of moisturiser. Will I repurchase? You'd think so wouldn't you BUT I am a beauty blogger and the urge to try something new just for the sake of my blog is exceptionally strong. Next in line is the Neal's Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mist*, a fabulous toner that I used after the exfoliating Clarins one to hydrate, as apparently that's what you're meant to do. 
I used to absolutely adore the NUDE Purifying Face Wash, so much so that this is the second bottle I've gone through, the only trouble is I got bored. It's nothing spectacular really and my skin just doesn't react the same as it used to to it, I won't be repurchasing and I'm glad I've finally used it up as it lasted forever! Something I haven't anywhere near used up yet (I don't think) is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, a very un-natural concealer that I loved because it was high coverage and pale without caking, perfect for my scars. But it really was time to say goodbye and start using my natural concealers more instead of always running to this to save the day, yes now you can see my scars a bit but I'm just learning to live with it.

Two body products I have very nearly used up are the Aromatherapy Associated Revive Body Gel and Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile Soap. I started mixing the body gel with a small body oil sample so that I could use it up but it turned out to be the best combination ever, I hate oily skin so the gel helped the oil sink in quick and my skin was so soft! I'm sad to see this go. I use the peppermint soap for washing me, my hair, hands and my makeup brushes, a staple I will purchase again and again as it is just so good, everyone needs a bottle. Not long after just about singing from the rooftops how much I loved the Intelligent Nutrients Shampoo... it ran out. The bottle lasted me 4 months of every-other-day hair washing (washing twice) so I would class that as good value? My hair really misses it and I need more! (but aforementioned beauty blogger problems are getting in my way again). 

I finished both the Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water & Yarok Feed Your Ends mini ages ago now but have been clinging onto them for this post. The Melvita toner is a firm fave and very soothing, while I purchased the full size Yarok leave in conditioner as soon as the mini had run out, love! Finally two exfoliating products that I'm not sure did much for my skin, The Clarins toner, while I wanted to love it and I'm sure it did help in some way or another was not a game changer for me or my skin and even if it was I wouldn't want to repurchase it anyway as it's not exactly organic ha! The REN Resurfacing Concentrate also wasn't that great in the end, I found myself using it less and less because it just didn't seem that effective, though I remember loving this at the beginning, I think perhaps my skin is a little too used to chemical exfoliation at the moment... if that's a thing?

Are you always looking for something new to try when you use something up or do you stick to what you know?

P.S. So sorry if my photo appears a bit blurry or grainy today, promise it was perfect before I uploaded it but then blogger got it's grubby mitts on it!!