Part wish list, part ways to wear post, all centred around that beautiful smock dress. I’ve been looking at this dress now for at least two months now, and have gone to purchase it countless times during that time, especially as it’s now in the sale… however there’s a part of my mind that keeps stopping me from clicking checkout. You know the one, the part of your brain that always seems to speak sense and behave itself. Would you actually wear that dress Annabel?? it asks, because you know you don’t wear dresses all that often… And she’s (well me I suppose) totally right, why waste good money on a dress I really do adore but will rarely wear?? I’m a skinny jeans and boots kinda girl, let’s face it. But I really, really love that dress!
I’ve paired it with some Topshop chelsea boots, for that comfy/casual vibe in the image. Though I’m pretty sure I’d pair it with my trusty black vans if this was real life (as my wardrobe is lacking chelsea boots). And then a leather jacket from River Island to toughen it up a little bit, the fur collar may keep you that little bit warmer, but let’s be serious, leather jackets are not winter appropriate and a big parka would not go amiss in January.
Lastly in the accessory department we have some jewellery from JR Dunn. The Michael Kors Watch instantly caught my eye with the skinny pink strap, I rarely wear anything on my wrists as they’re so slim but this I like. And of course the bag - where else if not Zara? I like this one as it’s roomy but not gigantic - big bags swamp little old me but sometimes ya just gotta cart the world around in your bag.

What do you think of this look? more importantly, what do you think of that dress?!? 

*collaborative post