When boxing day rolled around I was one of the first on my shiny new iPad, trawling the sales. Space NK? Check. Cult Beauty? Check. Feel Unique, Beauty Bay, Naturisimo...? Check. Nothing caught my eye to be honest and I was glad because I've been a good little shopper these past few months and bought next to nothing beauty-wise for myself! 
Then of course I was browsing twitter and caught sight of the Elemental Herbology sale on their own website, so I had to have a quick peek as we all know how much I am obsessed with their Moisture Milk. Their sale was better than any other online shop so I was immediately over the moon and even more so when I saw the Perfect Clarity Blemish Treatment for half price! My friend Jen says this is a miracle worker for her cystic spots and I'd been eyeing it up for some time but could never justify full price for 2.5ml of product! 
Another absolute bargain that caught my eye was the Pure Radiance Kit reduced from £47 to £23! Containing a full size Cell Food serum worth £45 and a 30ml Facial Glow Mask worth £25ish, both of which individually are not in the sale anywhere. I've been lusting after the Cell Food serum since I first discovered the brand, I have nothing like it in my skincare collection (surprisingly) so I could just about justify the purchase, cheeky.

5 minutes later I'd checked out and 4 days later I had the goodies in my grasp. Gosh I love shopping, don't you?? 

First impressions are real good, the Perfect Clarity completely soothed some angry stress related spots within 2 or 3 uses and the serum is perfectly light yet perfectly hydrating. I've been using it at night mixed with a drop or two of Argan oil - and that's all for happy skin. The jury isn't out yet but I shall report back with reviews in a few months.

Did you pick up anything good in the sales??