I wanted to do a quick post today to talk about the newly released Melvita Beauty Oils that I've been loving. There are 13 different oils in total but I've been trialling two that are most suited to my skin type; the Nigella Oil and the Avocado Oil.

The 11 other oils are Apricot Kernel, Argan, Borage, Calendula, Carrot, Castor, Jojoba, Lily, Macadamia, Rose hip and Sweet Almond. So something for every skin type and any concern you may have.  Prices range from £14.50 to £23.00 for 50ml, each oil is pure with no added ingredients except one or two (I think the Carrot & Lily) which are extracts suspended in organic sunflower oil to create the oil. 

First up I have the Nigella Oil*, which is a purifying oil and great for oily skin. I had never heard of Nigella Oil before but according to Melvita the oil comes from the tiny black seeds of a white-flowered plant from the ranunculus family. The oil itself isn't too thick or greasy and has a earthy green kind of scent. I apply this on damp skin after using a facial mist and massage in followed by light moisturiser. I haven't tested these oils enough to post a full on review yet but with this oil my skin is left fresh come morning without any signs of irritation or breakouts. I assume this would be great for more oily skin types looking for a light and hydrating oil to help balance skin.

Next up the Avocado Oil*, a rich dark oil extracted from the flesh of the fruit. This oil is a little potent smelling and very rich, suitable for dry and delicate skin. I've been using this alone after using deep cleansing clay masks to replace any moisture loss and make my skin super plump and smooth the next day. Despite the oil being very dark in colour I haven't noticed it staining any fabrics or leaving any colour on my skin. Melvita says this oil is also great for stretch marks, the neck and eye contour. If you suffer from very dry skin I would recommend this without a doubt as it is super nourishing and pure.

Definitely have a look at the other oils in the new range as there is something to suit everyone and any skin need!