The only thing I haven't managed to make a change to with natural beauty yet is nail polish... but lets face it nail polish just isn't that natural. Unless I want to spend £14 a time on Kure Bazaar polish which contains potato pulp and other pulp-y stuff... (I think) I'm never going to have natural nails. I definitely want to try Kure Bazaar though! fancy science/food nails sound amazing. 

Anyway I'm not here to talk about that I'm here to talk about my love affair with No7 nail polish, I can't help it, they give out those vouchers at the till and I do a mini fist pump (in my head ofcourse). Infact most of my nail polish collection is No7, it's just sort of happened that way. Their colours aren't the best, a little more reserved than I'd like with no pastel mint green shades or anything too daring, but the formula is pretty decent and the brush is fab. 
They also have a tendency to release one-off amazing polishes that make me stop everything and head straight to the till, as it was when I discovered Dancing Shoes. A holographic glitter topcoat that isn't too holographic, magic. I've applied it here over Zoya Carey, a lovely blue-toned grey which gives the illusion of more holographic-ness than you're actually getting, a super fine dense glitter this is obviously going to be a pain to remove but I couldn't care less as it's just so pretty. I've applied one coat which dries down to a slightly matte finish - hard to describe but it works and doesn't look odd on your nails. I tested out applying a topcoat and it works just as well and takes nothing from the effect. You could easily get away with this polish on bare nails with two or more coats to really build up the holographic effect but it may chip a little easier then. 
Currently I'm at day 5 with only tip wear and no major huge chunks of polish missing, but it is probably time to remove it now. I have 4 nails that have survived perfectly sans chipping and 3 of those are on the hand that I painted with a topcoat... you do the math. 

All in all a totally beautiful topcoat that I could stare at for hours. I'd be interested to see how it works layered over darker shades but I have a feeling it wouldn't be as dramatic or as lovely as it is now.

What do you think of this topcoat/No7 polishes??