Please don't get used to seeing my mug on this here blog, I'm still a shy little thing but I am so very much in love with my new haircut that I braved face for a few minutes to have the boyfriend take control of the camera ;) He is quite the amateur photographer barking orders at me but please nobody tell him that half the photo's came out awfully blurry or I'll lose my only photographer! ha.

For the past 5 or 6 months I've been gradually having my hair cut shorter and shorter with each trip to the hairdressers. Last time I went for the just at collarbone length and loved it! But this time I knew it wasn't going to be short enough and asked for just above shoulder length, basically skimming them. Without curls my hair sits just on my shoulders with the very bottom layer slightly flicking out a little, but I like it a lot with curls now as it took all of 5 minutes to do this style, a miracle!! My hairdresser, Tammy, cut in a few long layers to make it lighter but then also (as she put it) "chipped in to it" a little more which made all the difference in the end as I have SO MUCH HAIR and this way we avoided a puff ball situation. I'm kind of loving it and think perhaps an inch shorter would be perfect-o! ;)

What do you think of my new short locks???
P.S. Lets not talk about my new-ish glasses, I'm really not liking them at all lately
P.P.S. I reached 2000 bloglovin followers last night and just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! my baby blog is 3 this year and I can't believe I've managed to keep it up, let alone have all of you follow along! thank you and big hugs, Team Splendid!