Me and mascara just don't get on... the feeling of crusty eyelashes is one I just can't ever get used to. I used to sit and pick the mascara I was wearing off during the day as I just hate it. so. damn. much. I also found a lot of mascara I've tried irritated my eyes, leading to more eye-rubbing and mascara picking making the situation even worse. So I gave up on mascara all together for a long time (except for special occasions!) and only now I am starting to get into wearing a little more thanks to the switch to natural beauty and non-irritating mascara.

I read a lot about natural mascara's before choosing which to go for, reading a lot of reviews and looking at an awful lot of people's eyeballs on the internet to criticially examine their mascara (totally normal fyi) before deciding I was just going to have to jump in feet first with my decision as ALL of them have pros and cons. In the end I chose Green People's Volumising Mascara with the best all-round reviews for it's price tag and I haven't been disappointed. 
It turns out it was everything I wanted in a mascara, its very black, lengthens my short 'n' stumpy little lashes, gives a bit of volume, and never feels crusty or irritating on my eyes. This is very much a natural looking mascara too, you're not going to have 8 foot long spider leg lashes with this, oh no, but it does give definition! I'm not sure if my photo does it any justice at all but I really didn't fancy showing you a close up of my eyes, that's just creepy and too close for comfort... I mean I had to take the photo without my glasses on and that's scary enough!! gah. 

In regards to formula I haven't found it to smudge or flake at all, but I'm not wearing it everyday so am probably not the best tester. It's also easy to remove with micellar water or any old cleanser you feel comfortable using around your eyes. The brush is made up of short plastic bristles that coat lashes very well, separating and defining without any clumping together at all, giving an almost fluttery look. It's easy to build up the layers for a more dramatic look but I always find just one works fine for me. If I'm wearing this I usually always curl my lashes to keep them away from my glasses for as long as possible, the curl doesn't stay all day but then I only use a cheap eyelash curler from Models Own, no Shu Uemura here haha! I'm not sure if my reviewing is making this mascara sound amazing or just a bid too ordinary, personally I love it, for an ex-mascara hater, it's converted me pretty well and I would definitely repurchase!

If you're really into your mascara and love in-your-face lashes this is never going to be for you, but if you like normal yet defined, everyday kinda lashes, you may love this just as much as me :)