It was before Christmas now that I got wind of the crazy Zoya sale on Beauty Chamber, all bottles were down to £3.50 and as I'd never tried Zoya before I knew I needed to get in on the action and make a little order. I ordered the Anchor Basecoat, Hurry Up speed dry drops and one colour, Carey, a silver-blue-grey shade. £30 worth of nail polish for just over a tenner? heck yes. Unfortunately there was a mix up and I ended up with the Armor Topcoat in my parcel instead of the basecoat but the lovely people at beauty chamber sorted it out in the blink of an eye, and because of this happy accident I now have a perfect Zoya collection for the perfect manicure. (blergh that was a cheesy sentence!)

I actually haven't painted my nails all that much since December so haven't really used these that much yet, but from what I have gathered the base and top coat together are match made in heaven for chip-prone nails and both dry in double-quick time. So far the dry drops are a bit of a novelty to me and the one time I have used them I wasn't overly impressed, the speed of my nails drying didn't increase all that much, they were touch dry after a few minutes but still soft enough to smudge easily with a little force... more experimentation needed here I think.
It's pretty difficult to review nail polish, especially when it's not a colour as there's only so much to be said, they extend the life of my manicure and my nails look nice and shiny, bish bash bosh, we're done for the day ;)

If you do want to try out these I would suggest picking up the Zoya Holiday MiniCure set, with these 3 in miniature size plus their nail polish remover for £11, a kit I'd had my eye on for some time... before this amazing sale solved all my problems ;)

Have you tried anything from Zoya??