Natural makeup is a huge minefield that I am still exploring with caution... Everything is quite expensive and not available in the flesh anywhere close by for me to go and see in person, so online shopping is my only option. Meaning an awful lot of reviews are read for anything and everything I'm interested in and all the swatches!! I cannot express how helpful swatches are. Swatches have been getting a lot of bad press lately (aka beauty bloggers suddenly claiming they're rubbish?!) but I have found swatches of foundations, concealers, lipsticks and what not to be so much more helpful when on someones hand/arm as I can actually SEE the colour. Sure I also love to see the product on, how it looks on your face is super important too but then the foundation is blended out and mixing with your own skin tone and the lipstick is reacting with your lips own pigmentation to create a unique shade, making it not quite as helpful for me when trying to decide if I want to spend £30 on said beauty product. So yes, swatches = very good in my book.

Well now that's all out of the way I can talk about my two latest concealer purchases, the RMS Un Cover-Up and the Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer. I say latest but I've had them for over 4 months now so they more than deserved a little post showcasing their talents. First up I got the RMS Un Cover-up in the shade 11, at the time this was the lightest shade but they have since released a paler shade, 00, for "snow white complexions" though I've not a clue what it looks like as I've not seen any reviews or swatches(!!) of it yet. 11 is a very yellow based shade, but is rather good at adapting to my pale, neutral skintone. This can be used as an all over foundation but as it's coconut oil based I tend to avoid that and use it on blemishes (the yellow tone is great for cancelling out bright red spots, hurrah!) and my dark circles as it's too oily for my skin type. If you have dry skin however I think you'll find this the dream for a moisturising base ;)
A little later on I ended up getting the Vapour Illusionist Concealer in the shade 010. You can never have too much concealer, right?? The shade is much paler and more neutral/pinky toned than RMS. The formula has a base of sunflower oil, so a little better for my skin, not as moisturising or greasy feeling but a bit harder to blend out on the skin. Now I've had this long to test them both I do think this may be too pale for me, which is kind of unheard of but it does make a good brightening concealer around my eye area and anywhere else that needs it.
Coverage with both of these is similar but I think RMS is a little more pigmented, that may just be because it's creamier and it's easier to get the product out of the pot than the tiny stick, which I find difficult to warm up on my fingers and get a sufficient amount of product. Neither product cakes on the skin and though generally quite light to medium coverage can be built up to fully conceal any areas that need it. It goes without saying that both need to be set with a powder to stop from creasing or slipping throughout the day but after that I find they last pretty well. 

If I had to choose a favourite I would actually say the Vapour as I find myself using it more often, the RMS is just a tad too yellow for my skin and I try to limit the use of coconut oil as it's so rich. Plus the Vapour Illusionist is cheaper! ;)
I've just thought though, you know in all this time I've never thought of trying them mixed together so I'm going to get on that asap! perhaps I'll discover something amazing... I wonder if it's possible to take a little of each and melt them together in a pot, is that possible? anyone? please advise or you could be hearing about a possible disaster very soon.

Have you tried either of these concealers? which would you choose?