I like to think that me and my little blog have grown up a lot in 2013, and we're ready for bigger and better things now in 2014! I thought I would post a little blog post roundup for the year, as I'm sure new followers won't have seen everything this year and it's interesting to see what posts have been the most popular along with a few of my favourites for good measure ;)

I don't know what 2014 is going to have in store for me or my blog, first of all I have to finish up my final semester at university (terrifying) so that will of course be my main focus for the first half of the year. I'd love to see my blog grow a little more, honestly watching my bloglovin follower count is my worst habit, but I know we all do it! Hopefully I can hit that next milestone soon as I feel like I've been stuck in a rut for the longest time now. I do put such a ridiculous amount of effort into this little home, even if I don't post everyday, it doesn't mean I'm not busy doing something for the blog everyday, it is all consuming! I'd also love to brave video format at some point - aka youtube! as I hear that's the thing for 2014... though I really do need to work on my confidence for that, I'm certainly not a natural in front of a camera. Would you be interested in seeing a little more of Fragmented Splendour in video form this year??


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