Who needs 11 facial oils... who?! Things appear to have gotten a little out of hand recently with new additions sneakily adding themselves to my stash on a regular basis, I didn't notice I had so many until I came to do this roundup post! Granted 7 of the 11 are sample/travel sizes but when it comes to facial oil, you need such a small amount that even a tiny 10ml bottle lasts you such a long time.

Instead of going through all eleven I thought I would just mention my favourites for now, as we'll be here all day otherwise.
First up, my most recent addition is the Kahina Argan Oil* which I have a little 30ml size of. I've wanted to try Kahina products for so long now, they are up there with the likes of dreamy skincare queen May Lindstrom's products, super green luxe goodness. I missed the hype when argan oil had it's moment in the spotlight many months ago and I don't think I have any products containing the mysterious gold elixir. I've been mixing a single drop of this into my evening moisturiser for ridiculously soft and nourished skin, as well as a few drops applied to damp hair to keep my ends in tip top condition and my hair feels so much softer after just 2 or 3 applications (though really it just needs a big chop!).
I have also been loving the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil for quite some time now, I read so much about this being the perfect oil for blemishes and it really is, I slather it on repeatedly when there's an unwelcome visitor and pain, redness and the spot itself is reduced much quicker. 
I also really like the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil at the moment, made from pure Squalane oil, a derivative of olives and found naturally in our own skin. The simplicity of this clear (and very light) oil is perfect for irritated, dry skin, it moisturises without any greasiness and I find myself reaching for this when I don't know what my skin needs. I love it so much that I've nearly reached the end of my sample! Now that's a first.

The S5 Replenish Serum* is actually an oil despite the name and contains a blend of pomegranate seed oil, rosehip, argan and sea buckthorn oil. I don't really like the sickly sweet scent of this oil, but I know others would love it, it's very light on the skin, almost like water and I was shocked to see a visible difference in my skin come morning, perhaps all those fancy bioactives really do work?! more testing is required ;)

Another tiny bottle of oil I'm loving is the Marble & Milkweed Nourishing Organic Body Oil. Marble & Milkweed products are handmade in NYC and you can find them on etsy, luckily we can get a few of their products easily in the UK via A Beautiful World.. though I wish they would stock the Raw Honey & Chamomile Cleansing Nectar?! It sounds incredible. Anyway this body oil itself is pretty special, I'd never used a body oil before thinking of the inevitable greasy limbs but now I get it... I just get it.

Do you have any favourite oils?! Like I need any more..