Eeek I'm so nervous posting these pictures! If you've been following me on instagram you may or may not have seen (and been slightly bored by the constant progress reports) some of the work I have been creating lately in the studio. This year I have become obsessed with creating these monotonous line drawings that take me hours and hours/days to complete. I'm not really sure what to call them, to me they look like waves or flowing fabric but they are pretty mesmerising to look at, the middle landscape piece especially messes with your eyes if your stare too long. My favourite though is the long thin canvas all the way on the right, the lines wrap around the edges making it seem 3D, it took such a long time to do though because I drew it with pen and ink, never again. 
This collection of work is what is currently up for assessment and will hopefully (if my tutors like it enough) be taken forward for my degree show, I'm thinking of developing the drawings into larger sculptural pieces for that which will be an epic task. So far I've had a pretty positive reaction so fingers crossed!

I'm kind of proud of them and wanted to share them with you! :)