I haven't posted a Loving Lately in quite a while now and thought it was about time to share a few favourites from the past week or two. I also have my yearly favourites coming up next week which was a super stressful affair - I narrowed it down to 13 products for 2013 of course, but I keep remembering products I have missed out, ah!

The first product I have been loving for quite some time now is the Vapour Illusionist Concealer. A 100% natural concealer that I've found is perfect for blemishes and any areas needed a little extra coverage. It isn't a full coverage concealer by any means, but I don't think there are any natural ones out there that can do that (though I hear Studio 78 is pretty good!) but that's okay, I'm not looking for a mask over my spots... I think when you've got a spot, no amount of makeup is going to really hide that little devil, there's still a bump that everyone can see, so why draw extra attention with cakey layers on top. This Vapour concealer is quite similar to my RMS 'Un' Cover up as it is very moisturising, but a little paler, less yellow toned and is formulated without coconut oil! (which I think breaks me out if I use it too often). The Vapour offering contains calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as frankincense and lotus flower, doesn't cake up on the skin no matter how many layers you apply and blends ridiculously easy.

Something else that has taken my fancy lately is the Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil*. If you read my blog often you will know cleansing oils are new to me and I've been wanting to try this Melvita one for absolutely ages now. I will admit rubbing oil on your face isn't the most pleasant experience, I thought it would be a lot like a oil-based balm cleanser but it really isn't. However the ease with which this melts away makeup makes it a winner in my eyes, and whats more is the fact that it emulsifies completely once a few drops of water have been added, immediately ridding you of that oily feeling. I save this for heavier makeup days as to not overwhelm my skin, and always use a lighter lotion or gel afterwards to remove every last trace of oil and makeup.

Saving the best 'till last now & we have one of the most luxurious, incredible masks I've ever had the pleasure of slathering on my face. The Kahina Antioxidant Mask* has just blown me away recently and I've only had the chance to use it twice! Formulated with some of the purest, organic, ethically sourced argan oil, rhassoul clay, pomegranate and acai extracts, the antioxidant mask draws out impurities and exfoliates with lactic acid while deeply nourishing the skin. This is a mask that doesn't dry on the skin so there are no uncomfortable drying sensations, only baby soft skin and a brighter complexion are left behind. I've found this really toned down any redness in my skin and seemed to actually heal the skin if I had any blemishes (which I always do-such is life) I can't way to indulge in this tonight to treat some nasty cystic visitors on my cheeks, hopefully this will help kick them to the curb without scarring! *praying*

What have you been loving lately?