And the award for the oddest blog topic goes to.... yours truly! what a surprise ;) I am quite partial to a pleasing fragrance and I seem to have collected quite a few lovely ones lately that would normally never make it into a blog post... so here we have it!
I also realise that I should have some christmassy smells here to be getting into the christmas spirit but I have to say that round these parts (aka the flat) we haven't any christmas decorations up at all as we're going home for the holidays later on today and wont be back until January so there's not much point, sad but true..

Anyway, first up in my little smelly collection we have The Green House Refreshing Room Spray in citrus and lavender. Oh my word this smells so good, I love all citrus scents and I love lavender (as you can tell from my fancy little background decoration - something else that smells beautiful) so it feels like this was just made for me. I picked this up from TK Maxx for about £4 not so long ago now, I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging, and discovering it is all-natural and organic brand I was immediatly sold. The strange thing is The Green House is a New Zealand brand and doesn't seem to be available anywhere except New Zealand, so I'm left wondering how my bottle found it's way to the UK (though I'm very grateful as I spritz this throughout the flat daily).

Next up we have something a little more festive in the form of The Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss shower gel, I dont really ever shop in The Body Shop but I was walking past a few days ago and saw they had a lovely christmas range so stopped for a sniff, as you do. The Vanilla Bliss was immediately my favourite, a beautiful creamy vanilla scent with a hint of christmas spice. There was 50% off at the time so for a mere £2 I couldn't say no, I don't really like spending money on shower gel so I may have to go back for the other christmas scents too, they're a bargain. I'll be smelling like cranberries, ginger and vanilla until June.. yum.

Lastly, another TK Maxx find was this beautiful candle from Keith Brymer Jones, I picked the scent Fig, Peach and Blackcurrents, it is so mouthwateringly delicious that I just pick it up to sniff sometimes.. so good, very fresh and fruity. A quick google shows me you can pick up Keith Brymer Jones cups, plates and all sorts of other bits from John Lewis, they're lovely but this candle is the star of the show, and so unique too, you can't really see in the photo but the word 'light' is embossed on the porcelain, definitely a keeper once I've burnt it all.

Are you drawn to things just because they smell nice? surely I'm not the only one....