Toners are quite an essential step to me and I often feel at loss without them. They're that perfect little leap from cleansing to the serum/moisturiser step leaving skin prepped and refreshed. As well as removing any last traces of cleanser (not makeup - wash your face again if there's makeup on your cotton pad!! *mumvoice*) a lot of toners these days contain their own high-tech skin benefits, going that extra mile whether it be exfoliating, hydrating or soothing skin.

I picked up this fancy little Melvita number back in August as I didn't have a hydrating toner in my routine, I chose this because I am always on the look out for skincare that will brighten my complexion and help fade those nasty scars that like to hang around for months, if not years. Melvita are a brand I have heard quite a lot about in the past but more so when the blogger samples get handed out... ;) I think they are a wonderful brand though, completely natural, cruelty free and I can't wait to try some more bits from them! I particularly have my eye on their cleansing oil, it sounds dreamy.

The Narcissus Extraordinary Water has had a packaging change since I made my purchase and looks an awful lot fancier in it's new bottle but I noticed it has also increased in price a little with this change. The only place I can find this online at the moment is FeelUnique, which is where I got mine from. I know a lot of other retailers sell the Melvita Water's but none seem to have this Narcissus one.. how strange! 

This was actually a lifesaver when I went on holiday as I used it daily as a toner/moisturiser hybrid in the heat. I couldn't stand any thick creams on my skin so this was perfect for keeping my skin hydrated and avoiding congestion. It was literally like a breath of fresh air when swept over skin on a cotton pad. The toner is a blend of fruit waters and extracts along with hyaluronic acid so I never felt like my skin needed anything else. Now it's freezing cold and my skin is on the dry side I've been using this as an extra layer of moisture for my skin. I've also found it's brilliant when my skin is playing up as it cools and soothes straight away and I can use this on it's own at night without fear of my skin drying up like a prune but also letting it relax and breath without layers of skincare. In terms of brightening my skin I haven't noticed too much of a difference in the worst areas, but the ingredients are very gentle so I'm not too surprised, I do feel like the rest of my face is a lot more even toned lately in general though so that's nice!

I'm only just starting to get past the halfway point of my bottle now with daily use so I think the price is worth it and I wouldn't be without this now.

Find the Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water here.
Have you ever tried anything from Melvita??

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