So I'm 100% sure that any arty types of posts are the least popular with you lovely follower folk, but (incase you didn't know) it's kiiinda my thing... This time next year I will have (hopefully!) graduated with a degree in Fine Art and be a full on grown up. I'm not all about the skincare and beauty blogging y'know ;) Things are actually a little bit crazy round these parts at the moment and my blog is taking a backseat while I scramble to finish up a few essays and prepare for my main assessment deadline, which is the work that will lead to my final degree show next year.

I was going to post about my own work but it's not presentable yet! ha! So here are a few of the artists I have been researching lately or just really adore, make sure you click their names to see more of their work.

Ian Davenport

Do you have any favourite artists??