Continuing with my little skincare series (which by the time I have finished will have completely changed) this month we have toners.

There's a lot of debate around the toner... is it really necessary? does it do anything for my skin?? Well that's all completely between you and your toner. But for me, they're essential. Not seen as something to remove last traces of cleanser anymore (and if they are well you should really go back and wash your face some more...), toners are that little step from cleansing to serum/oil/moisturiser (or all three) whatever floats your boat. They prep skin, treat, hydrate, exfoliate, brighten... any number of things as skincare technology continually advances.

I currently have four toners on rotation for whatever my skin needs, it may seem excessive but they all do very different things and I really do use them all! 

First up is the Lush Tea Tree Water, my go to for whenever my skin is angry and all over the place. This is the cheapest and contains the fewest ingredients out of the four here. It's simple and feels refreshing on my skin, I probably reach for this the least though as I find the others do so much more. The Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water is my most recent purchase from the bunch and has jumped to top spot in this little line up. An all natural brightening, moisture boosting lotion, this toner is perfect for my skin right now which is riddled with blemish scars. Formulated with lemon, papaya and of course narcissus to lighten, brighten and all round boost your skins radiance, this is a skincare gem. Oh & it also contains Hyaluronic acid, if you needed another reason to pick this up. Fading scars is a slow process but in the two months I've been using this I have noticed a real difference in a few on my cheeks and especially combined with my next pick, they seem to be working great together.

The now cult Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is of course next. My only non-natural green beauty pick here that I will have seriously conflicting feelings for when it comes to repurchasing. Yes it is ever so slightly amazing, a god send for milia and keeping my skin ticking over nicely, fading scars, smoothing skin, battling blemishes.. but I am trying to turn my beauty stash into a beautiful, all natural skincare haven. What's a girl to do...

My last pick is the Neals Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mist*, I reach for this whenever I have used the Clarins number, to inject some moisture into my skin. Exfoliate and then hydrate! or something... It smells amazing and even though the spray is a little too wet for my tastes, it does a good job of soothing and prepping my skin for the next stage. I always find oils and heavy moisturisers easier to massage into damp skin and they seem to sink in faster too.

How many toners do you have on rotation?? ;)