I don't often do tags but when I saw the skincare tag floating about I though yes, finally a tag that has my name written all over it. I was then tagged by the lovely Katy and Lillian so had no excuse to avoid it really. There's no harm in doing a tag post every once in a blue moon.. right?? ;)

Describe your routine in 5 words...
Clean, (halfway) green, cruelty-free, exfoliate, brighten.

What's your skin type?
Combination/sensitive with a few cheery hormonal breakouts for good measure.

What is your favourite skincare product?
You may as well ask my mother who she prefers, us or the cats. it's a tough choice (she'd choose the cats). I'm going to say the Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk, but I immediately want to choose atleast 5 other things... I have issues.

Top blemish zapper...
Easy, the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion.

Face wipes... yay or nay?
No, nay, never. (except when on holiday)

Toner... yay or nay?
A huge yay! If you don't believe me, read this post.

High end skincare or high end makeup?
I would rather choose natural, organic skincare, which just so happens to be quite an expensive preference.

What is the most universal skincare product you've tried?
Hydraluron or the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque.

You're in a pharmacy and can only pick up one item - what would it be?
Are we talking french pharmacy?! regardless, I've been meaning to try the Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil for ages now, I've never tried a cleansing oil!

Top skincare tips.
Double cleanse in the evening.
Exfoliate then hydrate.
Take supplements.
Always use a flannel.
If you can, go green.

I tag: You.