Mugshot! So to start my little monthly recap post lets talk about my most drastic change this past month... I got all my hair cut off! I had it cut quite short last time I went to the hairdressers and it was ahhhmazing for a while but my hair grows so fast that the fun didn't last long. So I plucked up the courage this time and said shorter please! I love it, I think it suits me so much more than my wild mane before did, it's just not fun having long hair when there's so much of it.
I think next time I will say above my shoulders please, yeah? ;)

I picked up some new storage from wilkinsons  the other day as our new flat is a little lacking in that area thanks to it's tiny size. These awesome corner drawers now store all of my haircare and a good chunk of my skincare! It was real tough deciding how I should organise each drawer, beauty dilemma! These drawers cost £18 which made me gulp in wilkinsons but I'm so so glad I have them now as my little beauty corner looks so much neater.
Oh and notice how I've had to use a packet of face wipes to keep it stood straight? ha! Nothing but class over here folks.

Oh and did I mention I went on holiday this month? maybe a few too many times, but it was amazing! It feels a lifetime ago now.

October is my favourite month for many reasons... it starts to get colder, the wasps die off and I can wear scarves again... did I also mention it's my birthday month!?! only 18 more days to go and I shall be 22! Luckily it's on a weekend this month which always makes a birthday that much better don't you think? 

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