I haven't posted a Loving Lately post in quite a while now and this is really overdue! Uni work has really picked up now & I have to literally start churning out work like a machine to keep up! I've also been writing a few pieces for Nouvelle as I hadn't in quite some time, my latest post was a few tips for blog photography... just a quick rundown of the settings on DSLR camera's and that, I was so nervous about it as I'm certainly no expert!

In terms of beauty lately, I've been using the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask* quite a lot, as it's quick and easy, doing the jobs of two masks in one! perfect for when I'm exhausted but know my skin is needing a boost. The mask is formulated to both cleanse and exfoliate at the same time to leave skin visibly brighter. With kaolin clay, finely ground walnut shells, fruit acids and a blend of chamomile, lavender and rosemary oils to smooth and refine skin texture without leaving you a red blotchy mess. I've found this doesn't really dry like a typical clay mask, it stays quite creamy on the skin and almost completely sinks in some places so it would be good for dryer skins who don't like very drying clay masks but still need something the draw out impurities.

Another skincare item I've been testing out lately has been a sample of the Aurelia Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser. This cream is a lot richer than anything I would usually go for but I just had to try something else from Aurelia! The cream uses probiotic and peptide technologies together with plant extracts to hydrate and smooth dull and dehydrated skin, leaving you with glowing, plump skin come morning. There's also plenty of omega oils, hibiscus, vitamin e, borage oil... the list goes on. I use this sparingly on my combination skin when it's been looking a little dry and worse for wear with the changing weather, fixing any skin woes almost instantly. 

Lastly a little purchase I made last month on holiday, the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in '06 Golden Brown' ... more of a gorgeous taupe shade actually. This is my first eyeshadow in a stick form and it is SO handy! draw on, blend and go! Anything that fuss free is automatically alright by me. I'm so happy with my little Kiko purchase, I could have happily stayed all day in their store! 

What have you been loving this week?