So many beauty products, so little time! 

As we all know I'm an absolute sucker for a good sample size beauty product, there's just something so appealing about a little bottle or tube, I like to think it says a lot about the brand too, when things aren't just thrown in sachets, a little care has gone into us sampling the brand. Plus, I looove trying new things (who doesn't?!).

Anyway, first up is the the newest release from REN, the Satin Perfection BB Cream. This is one of those, one colour suits all and does all creams & I have to say I'm very impressed with the colour adapting claims from this! I'm pale as a ghost some days and even though this is a bright orange cream is blends and adapts to my skin in moments. It is incredibly light coverage though, lighter than an average tinted moisturiser I would say, it evens out skin tone well but doesn't cover any of my awful scars or blemishes at all (pretty picture, yes?). I really do like it however and maybe if I got to try out another sample and still loved it I would consider a purchase. It's perfect lazy day no makeup makeup.

I got the Benefit They're Real free in a magazine the other month, I was rather skeptical as I'm pretty fussy with Mascara and my poor sensitive eyes, woe is me. This doesn't irritate my eyes though, so bonus points! & it doesn't smudge on my glasses either. It's not the best mascara I've ever tried but I like how it looks after just one coat, super long lashes in an instant. I never ever build up mascara or add a second coat as I find that's when trouble happens (plus, effort) so one coat wonders are fine with me!

Finally a super sweet Alison Claire Lipbalm*. I have the peppermint flavour and it's lived in my bag since day one. I love minty lip balms as more often than not they tingle and I love that. This is no exception and actually contains some lovely moisturising ingredients that actually do good and don't just coat your lips, drying them out further. I really wish it came in a different kind of pot or an actual stick as it's an awkward shape. Ah well, they're only £2.50 so I can't complain.

Do you enjoy trying out samples as much as me? What a charmed life we lead eh, blogging about tiny beauty products ;)