Oh 'ello! Forget about me? Well it's been nearly a week now, so unusual for me to miss out on blogging, I've been away, been busy and then been stuck for what to post, not to mention going back to uni today! 

Anyway, thought I'd write a review on something I've been meaning to tell you all about for ages! The Goldwell DualSenses colour leave-in serum (£2.75) was something I picked up from feel unique ages and ages ago now, when I dyed my hair red infact! I was looking for a few things to protect my hair and prolong my colour and happened to stumble across the goldwell range in my searches. I had actually never heard of them before but from what I can see they have a pretty huge range for all hair types! I know Ruth from A Model Recommends really likes their 60 second hair masks too (which I may have bought too...)

Anyway, for your £2.75 you get 18ml of serum in a surprisingly large bottle. I was a tad confused on how to use it at first as there's an extra little bottle inside that you have to break open too by twisting the cap. Twisting the cap didn't seem to do anything at first so I ended up taking the top off to use it anyway - to my surprise the liquid came out pink after being clear in the bottle.. So I guessed my twisting had worked somehow :)

I used the serum on damp hair and could immediately tell the difference, my hair was softer straight away and once dry was considerably sleeker compared to it's usual... not so sleek self ;)
I got two uses out of it before the liquid went clear and I wasn't sure if I should use it anymore (I probably used it completely wrong oops)
I definitely would buy this again as I loved how it made my hair feel after - really conditioned. Goldwell have different serums for different uses too - repairing, more volume & curly hair. I really want to try the rich repair one next! Plus, they're cruelty free! 

Have you tried anything from Goldwell??
xo Annabel