8 Jun 2016

Primer Vs. Primer.

Makeup primers, I love to hate them. An annoying extra step but one that is often necessary to keep your face in place all day. I've tried a few natural ingredient-based primers over the years now and have never been too impressed with the formulas, often too greasy for my oily skin, or they just simply didn't do their job well enough to bother using.

With my skin being all over the place these days from oily to dry, I've been reaching for a primer more often to help my makeup look it's best. I've been testing out two that I've had for a few months and have compiled a little showdown to see which is best. Let battle commence!

Inika Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid, £25


  • lightweight aloe based cream
  • sinks in quickly
  • super hydrating
  • not greasy
  • smells like orange sherbert


  • Contains coconut oil
  • not smoothing or perfecting
  • not mattifying
  • contains essential oils

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer & Brightener, £36


  • smooth water/gel texture
  • sinks in quickly
  • smoothing and perfecting
  • longer lasting on oily skin
  • brightening & anti-aging benefits


  • very strong (zesty oranges) scent
  • contains dimethicones
  • expensive
  • contains essential oils

What do you think after reading that? which would you choose? I like them both and choose the Inika for more every day use and when my skin is a little dry. I reach for Jane Iredale when I'm making more of an effort, my skin is oily or just not looking it's best and needing some serious help in the makeup department.
I mentioned their scents as a pro for one and a con for another, and even though they do actually smell very similar the Jane Iredale is just so much stronger - I know some people are really put off scented products so wanted to mention it. It doesn't hang about for too long though, maybe 5-10 minutes.
I have to say, I think these are two of the best natural primers available, though to be honest there aren't many to choose from... have you tried a natural primer that you love? let me know!

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