26 Oct 2015

New In: Brows & Nails.

I haven't bought any makeup in ages, and when my favourite 100% Pure Brow Gel started to smell funky enough that I absolutely had to throw it out, it was 100% necessary to make a new brow purchase ASAP! And maybe some other bits found their way into my basket... 

I debated on what to choose for ages, I was going to pick the W3ll People brow pigment (it's cheaper) but I knew the colour would be too warm for me. I asked Content on twitter and they recommended to Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit, which was my second choice anyway so it worked out well! I was a little apprehensive of the price, even with a discount code I have, but I read a couple of reviews and they all said it lasts forever as it's a pressed powder, so that eased my mind. 

I also picked up the Kure Bazaar polish in Rose Milk, I have wanted a pretty sheer nude shade for ages and this is the perfect pretty pale pink without being too girly. One coat makes my nails look neat and shiny and you can build it up to around three for full coverage. I was really excited to try my first Kure Bazaar polish and it hasn't disappointed at all! 

Finally, no Content order of mine is complete without spending £3 on their sample service. This time around I picked up two bright pink lip products to compare; ILIA Neon Angel & RMS Sublime Lip Shine. I quite like the RMS shade and as pretty as Neon Angel is I don't think the shade suits me, odd because it's so similar to my absolute favourite shade from them Jump.
I also chose two foundation samples, ILIA's latest release and the Studio 27 water foundation, though I didn't like either of them to be honest. The hunt continues...

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