19 Aug 2015

30 Days Of Tea.

A new recipe & review all in one!

I never thought I would be one to like tea (and lets be totally clear here, I really don't like traditional milk and two sugars builders tea AT ALL, can we say soil?) but since finishing this little tea trial I went out and bought myself some peppermint, nettle and ginger tea and it's delicious. It's not as good as a hot chocolate, but it's a-okay.

If you read my post last month where I shared a recipe for a peach and blueberry iced tea smoothie you will know I was just starting to do a teatox. Well, the 30 days are now up so I thought I would report back and tell you how it all went.

I tried the SkinnyMint 28 day teatox, which did throw me in at the deep end a little. I had no idea what to expect or what the tea would taste like. They have 14 day packs which are great if you're unsure. The morning boost was, of course my favourite as I mainly used it as an excuse to drink a fresh, icy smoothie every day during summer, perfect. The tea itself was pretty tasty too, very fresh with definite fruity notes. It contains strawberry and pineapple, plus green tea, nettle, guarana and dandelion. All of which are great for energy, digestion and curbing any mid-morning snack cravings. This tea also contains caffeine, something I never usually have in my diet but I noticed it really stopped those 3pm sleepy slumps, so maybe I need to get a coffee machine?!

The smoothie I made for above is SkinnyMint Tea, cooled, frozen mango, passionfruit and coconut milk. A tropical treat!

Instead of 28 teabags for the night cleanse, you only get 14 as you're supposed to only drink this every other night. This one has a minty herbal taste that isn't my favourite, but it was drinkable and I only ever made myself small cups of the tea and let the bag brew for just a minute so it was pretty weak. I'm already a skinny minny so my aim was not to lose any weight but to just feel healthy, less sluggish and bloated and it really did help. Night cleanse contains peppermint leaves, lemongrass, ginger, liquorice root, orange leaves and psyllium husk.

I definitely noticed myself having more energy and even just waking up in the mornings was super easy (I am NOT a morning person, more like morning sloth) and I noticed I was less bloated and grumpy after eating huge meals consisting mainly of bread. I was more inspired to eat healthy during this time too and got back to eating superfoods, making chia puddings etc, and even attempted to be vegetarian (it was a complete success until that time I made one pot pasta and used a chicken stock cube without even thinking...).

All in all not a bad experience at all and one that made me feel so much better within myself, it's the little things, huh.

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