9 May 2015

Join the Coolest Club in Blog-Town...

Is it a bird, is it a plane? NOPE. It's just a newsletter sign-up form...

Aloha beautiful friends, today I thought would be a great day to announce the launch on my NEWSLETTER. I am so excited about this, and I know you're thinking, but Annabel, Why? It's just a newsletter girl, calm down.
But this is so much more. It's exclusive. It's once a month. It's FUN. It's extra content. Notes from yours truly. Happy mail for your inbox. Plus! Sharing the latest green beauty/healthy living news, launches, deals, giveaways and anything else I find trawling the web. Just for you.

You may have noticed the option to subscribe via my latest giveaway for some extra entries (kudos to those of you that did!) so you can head there if you want to enter that and sign up that way or you can just pop your email in the box below!

I've been planning this for awhile now because I wanted a different way to connect and share more behind the scenes work, secret projects and other exciting things, plus so much more. To be honest I haven't even fully planned it all out yet as there's so much I want to cram in there but have to hold back as to not send you guys a novel to read every month.

The first Fragmented Splendour super splendid newsletter will be hitting inboxes on May 31st, so roll on up! I can't wait to show you what's in store...

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