9 Apr 2015

Adventures In Healthy Eating. Part Two.

After my first 'Adventures in Healthy Eating' post I've carried on documenting the food I make and eat in an effort to keep me on the straight and narrow.. ha! I'm still pretty useless remembering to take pictures but thought it was best to share the ones I do have before I completely forget.
1. Bulgar wheat bowl with toasted walnuts, sugar snap peas, baby plum tomatoes and avocado.

2. Green smoothie - I much prefer green juice to green smoothies, but I have a new blender with a cup attachment that makes smoothie making a breeze. This was banana, spinach, 1 Medjool date, cashew nuts, almond milk, vanilla bean paste and a little bit of avocado. 

3. Mint Chocolate smoothie - Now this is a smoothie I can get on board with! I posted my recipe last week, here. I make this a few times a week, it's so delicious and gives me a caffeine buzz making it great for Sleepy-Mondays and Can't-Be-Bothered-Friday.

4. Raw Chocolate - More chocolate! I picked up some Cacao Butter recently in the hopes of making truffles that rival booja booja. I made plain chocolate first & they were tasty but really, really gritty from the coconut sugar. I'm going to try again soon using maple syrup instead. I then had a go at truffle making and again, super tasty but not perfect - think bounty bars meet melt-in-the-mouth truffles! (certainly nothing like booja booja). 

5. Brazil nut & avocado pesto pasta with peas and courgette - This was a Deliciously Ella recipe I tweaked a little as I didn't have all the ingredients on hand. This was actually super nice and I really need to make it again asap! The only trouble is I can't remember exactly how I changed it, typical! ;)

6. Pasta with baby plum tomatoes & spinach - When in doubt, make pasta. That's my life motto and I'm not ashamed to say it. This was a simple tea I made myself one evening when Michael was working late and is a meal I make often when cooking isn't something high on my list of priorities. Cook a drain the pasta saving some of the water then use the pan to quicky heat up some olive oil with garlic, tomatoes, chili flakes and a pinch or oregano if you're feeling fancy. Add the pasta, water and spinach into the pan, stir together and serve! bam.

7. Chicken Shawarma with wholemeal flatbread - We recently tried Hello Fresh and this was one of the meals included in our box and we loved it! I'd make it again in a heart beat only they don't tell you what's in the spice blend they give you so you can't! what a farce.
If you're looking to try a recipe delivery box service Hello Fresh is okay but we much prefer Gousto & have had several boxes from them now (I wrote a post on it here - there's a coupon for £20 off of your first box too!)

8. The last photo is of another Deliciously Ella inspired lunch - her homemade baked beans. I had to tweak the recipe a lot as it called for a FULL tube of tomato puree, that's crazy, surely? You also add it at the end of the recipe which means it will be quite bitter. So I used just 1 tablespoon and added it at the beginning of cooking the beans. It was quite nice, especially with avocado and made enough for my lunch for two days.

I think I'm doing okay with this whole healhy eating thing, I have cut way back on my sugar intake, rarely eat dairy and definintely get way more than just '5' of my 5-a-day most days! yeah, veggies! Now, if only I didn't have a bunch of easter eggs to eat... ;)

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