3 Dec 2014

Adventures In Healthy Eating

I wouldn't consider myself an unhealthy eater really, I love cooking good food but I also love lemon chicken with egg fried rice every now and again, but who doesn't! In the past few months I've found myself drawn towards all those hundreds of healthy eating pretty instagram accounts with unachievable bowls of insanely decorated porridge and banana ice cream, plus lots of blogs like Deliciously Ella & Oh She Glows.
I've been really motivated to eat better, taking more notice of ingredients and the sugar content in my food. I cut down on dairy awhile ago and have all but excluded it from my diet now (except for when I treat myself to a little block of cheddar with caramelised onions from the deli counter), I have also reduced my gluten intake with gluten free flours when baking. I don't have any plans to become veggie or vegan but I've found myself taking on a more plant-based diet, especially when I'm eating alone without having to cater to the boyfriends choices.

I've been having a fresh juice every morning for my breakfast followed by an almond butter smothered banana if I'm still peckish a little while after.
I haven't experimented too much with my juices, alternating either a green (ingredients above) or orange juice with carrots, ginger, lemon and orange. I'd like to brave adding a beet into a juice as they're so good for you and make it bright pink (little things) but I haven't managed to pick any up yet. I hate beetroot in jars so I'm not too optimistic.
I've also tried making breakfast muffins with the pulp but they weren't much of a success.

Trying Gousto last week helped a lot with good-for-me main meals as they're balanced and full of veggies without having to put any thought into it. Yesterday I made myself a paella for tea as a treat while Michael was out (he isn't a fan) and stuffed it full of vegetables. Soup is another go to for lunch or main meals, I'm a big soup fan, they're so easy to make yourself. I also roasted some butternut squash with quinoa, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, spinach and served with a little hummus and chia seeds, this was a super filling lunch and lasted really well in the fridge for a few days later. We've also made cauliflower pizza (interesting and an awful lot of effort) and I have a huge addiction to making kale chips in the afternoon, too tasty. Sweet potato chips, lots of fish and gluten free pasta with a nice sauce are go-to. I add baby peas and sweetcorn to everything too, I'm lost if I don't have a bag of those in the freezer. Life savers.

I find main meals the most challenging to make as healthy as possible as Michael is so incredibly fussy. He doesn't even like soup. or courgettes. or tomatoes. save me.
I'm hoping to get a spiralizer from amazon after christmas so I can make all the courgetti known to man just for me.

For snacks I adore these kallo dark chocolate rice cakes, just one or two fill a chocolate craving easily. I also always have dark chocolate cranberries hanging about, a bag lasts me awhile as they're so sweet. I've tried raw desserts such as brownies and energy bits but the texture is all wrong and I'm not a fan. I make chia pudding with chocolate oat or almond milk a lot, I think oat milk makes a creamier tasting pudding. I've also bought a big bag of frozen raspberries I like to have with the pudding or sprinkled on top of some dairy free ice cream.

Do you have any tips for me or amazing food blogs to share?


  1. These are great tips! I've been really aiming to make my diet more wholesome and healthy. I've also reduced my dairy and gluten intake, however I'm still trying to find ways to incorporate more greens into my meals that are delicious and quick. I definitely am a fan of quinoa, kale, berries, Greek yogurt, and salmon. I've also been expirementing with different green juices, smoothies, and detox teas.

  2. My other half doesn't like courgettes either, I love them! I really want a spiralizer to make courgetti too. To be honest he probably only eats veg because I buy it and insist we eat it haha, he just loves food that is bad for you. xx


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