30 Nov 2014

Trying Gousto!

A couple of weeks ago we received a coupon in our amazon order for some money off of a Gousto box! I've wanted to try a Gousto box for SO long now and this was a just the push we needed to try it out.
If you didn't already know Gousto is a recipe box delivery service. Each week you log in, pick 3 recipes for main meals that you would like to try that week and they send you all the ingredients needed for those 3 recipes that week. The ingredients they include are seasonal, super fresh, organic and high quality. If you pick a recipe that includes meat, it is packed with ice bags inside a wool insulated bag inside the box so it will stay cool for hours and hours after delivery incase you weren't in.
I thought I would post a little bit about the 3 meals we tried and there's a wicked coupon code at the bottom so keep reading...

(excuse the iPad picture quality) The most difficult part of the entire process was deciding which 3 of the 10 recipes we wanted that week, Michael is quite the fussy eater so there were a few "debates" over our final decision ;) We ordered Sunday afternoon (the cut-off point for that week's recipes) and it was delivered on Wednesday. I immediately dove in to explore and everything was neatly packed with clear labels for which recipe the ingredient was for. Everything seemed in good order and I was extra impressed that even the tins were fancy organic brands like Biona. 

The first meal we decided to make that night, simply because it was the quickest and easiest taking only 15 mins (if you're extremely organised - sadly I'm not so I think it took a little longer) was the Sausages & Butterbean Mash, with a tomato and kale broth. Out of the three this was my least favourite simply because of the red wine vinegar and fennel seeds added to the tomatoes, I wasn't too keen on the taste but it wasn't awful and I still ate it all.. I'd make this again for sure, just skipping those two ingredients.

Next up we made the French Chicken & Crispy Potatoes, with leek and cannellini beans. This one was delicious! It took a little longer to make, 40 minutes but was so worth it and not at all difficult. Lots of flavour, different textures and super satisfying as an evening meal. 

Our third and final meal was the veggie Daikon Curry. I had no clue what a daikon was and had to google it before choosing this dish but it's just a large radish type of vegetable. For this dish basmati rice is cooked in coconut milk and a simple carrot, daikon, lentil and spinach curry. We thought this was a pretty nice dish but the curry was lacking a little flavour, it just wasn't very "curry" tasting? More like a mildly curry flavoured veggie dish. The sauce was quite watery even when reduced and I wished I'd put the coconut milk into the curry instead of the rice to thicken and give the sauce some bulk. (this was also my first time trying coconut milk rice - hello! super creamy, very indulgent)
I may make this again but with a few tweaks! It has great potential, though I have no idea where I'll find a daikon radish again.

All in all I really enjoyed trying 3 new meals this past week, I love trying new food at the moment and am itching for another box to arrive! The boxes can seem expensive (£35) but I think if you bought all of this lot normally it would be close to the same amount by the time you got to the till.  We won't be getting these every week, but I think once every other week or even once a month is a nice treat and a great way to introduce new foods and new meals into your routine, with most of the hard work done for you.

If you fancy trying Gousto for yourself you can use my referral code for £25 off of your first box, making it only £9.99 for 3 main meals for two people, that's a pretty HUGE bargain whatever way you look at it! Simply enter "MICHA23084" at checkout for the discount.

Will you be trying Gousto? Have you already tried them?

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