3 Sep 2014

Month In Review.

I'm kind of sad August is over, it was a good month. Here's hoping September will be just as fab! August was busy, we moved into a new flat and it's literally taken the whole month to unpack properly (there still two boxes to go actually), put together a lot of IKEA furniture, nearly got a cat (see above - Penny - now living the good life with my mum) then nearly got another cat last week because I "accidentally" clicked the 'pets' section of gumtree, and then also had a little look on our local RSPCA site too. I just really need a cat okay. Soon hopefully. 

August was also the month I decided to get us both addicted to Parks and Recreation... anyone else watch that show? I think I love it more than The Office *gasp* It's just too good. We started season 4 last night & I'm really invested in Lesley & Ben, though I think Andy & April are my faves! Michael is definitely a Ron Swanson fan though. Even better that it's not even finished airing yet (I usually get addicted to shows that have already ended) so we have a whole new season to look forward to once we're caught up!

I also updated my blog layout last night, let me know what you think! (& also if you notice any kinks) I've got some different non-beauty posts planned for this month (I always say this but I mean it this time!) I have lots of ideas and thoughts buzzing around my head and it's time to start typing. So I thought a nice back to basics, clean design would be good - it was time to say goodbye to the pink. 

I also reached three thousand followers on Bloglovin last week and I'm over the moon, thank you! My little blog is a funny place so it always surprises me when someone clicks "follow" & I'm really grateful. I have a little giveaway coming in a few days to say thanks that I've been planning for MONTHS! I never post giveaways so they make me nervous and excited! ;)

September also features Organic Beauty Week (8th-14th) & I'm excited to be posting lots on Nouvelle Daily about it to inform the masses so I may not blog about it here, I haven't decided. Maybe one post and some regular content.. I'm a green beauty blogger anyway so it's just a normal day at the office for this gal!

Hope your August was good and September is going to be even better! x


  1. I'm excited to see some more organic beauty over on Nouvelle, I'm always interested to see what's on the market.


  2. Love the new layout - nothing beats a simplistic white background. And congratulations on 3000 that's amazing! I feel proud to be one of them.


  3. Parks and Rec is amazing!! Love your new blog design too :)

  4. PS Would you consider installing Disqus for your comments? I think it's great for seeing if bloggers have replied... just an idea ;)

  5. love the new layout! I'm obsessed with Parks and Rec, Andy is my favorite! and my parents just got a new puppy so I totally understand the intense need to get a pet, they're just so lovable!


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