11 Jul 2014

Precious Possessions

Stuff is weird isn't it? When you really think about it... having loads of stuff is just crazy. However I know we're all sentimental and keeping trinkets, photographs and little bits that are part of a happy memory is really special. 

We're starting to pack up our flat at the moment as we plan to move soon and besides the overwhelming amount of stuff there's also a few precious things hidden away that make me smile when I see them again. Things I could never ever throw away, no matter how clutter free and simple I dream of living (one day never) I will always have a little box with these things in.

I photographed what items I had to hand that mean something to share with you all, some are pretty obvious like photographs or jewellery that has been passed down to me from my grandma, but the bar of soap or clay apple are funny ones that have different reasons or fond memories behind them.

I'm sure this post isn't as exciting as a new shampoo but I wanted to share a little something different and personal as the things that mean the most to me certainly aren't cleansers and eyeliner ;) hope you don't mind...


  1. Jewellery is devine! I love pieces that have a little history and meaning. Great post! 😊

  2. i have lots of little trinkets all over my room and i smile sometimes looking at them cos each reminds me of something, memory! Love this post xx

  3. I love this post - I think everyone has some sentimental stuff that they'll keep forever, I know I have more than a few bits lying around! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. stuff is great. I do try to have a 'stuff' clear out now and again however. lovely pictures. I have a post over on my blog coming out on sunday which i think you would like, based from this post!


  5. I really like that clay apple, animal pics are always a win :) xx

  6. Definitely prefer posts like this to a new shampoo ;) xx



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