28 Jul 2014

Lust List.

Another month, another wish list! This month's selections is absolutely, totally unattainable because we're moving to a new flat this week and every penny is going towards that huge expense.. but we can all dream right?! Luckily our little flat has been on my wishlist for nearly a year now so we can cross something off! 

First in the beauty department I'm loving the sound of this new release from John Masters,  the Rose & Apricot Hair Milk is a leave in conditioner and I'll admit I don't need it at all as I still have plenty of my current hair conditioner spray to use up.. but I do love any beauty products that claim to be milky, cleansing milks, body milks, hair milks! I want. Next on the list is Glamglow! I tried a teeny sample of the supermud version last week & it was all sorts of amazing, I could tell straight away with regular use your skin could seriously improve. I don't know if i'd choose the regular version or the supermud though... tough choice! 
In this kind of heat I think mineral makeup is so much easier to use and my favourite is the Jane Iredale PurePressed base. I like their loose version too but as my skin is slightly oily this lasts a little bit better and is so much more convenient! I've only ever used sample sizes as I can't afford the real thing *sob* but hopefully one day it shall be mine! My shade is often out of stock but I notice that the cosmetic practice has all the shades at the mo, so maybe check there if you're interested.
Lastly for beauty we have the mother of them all (all hail) May Lindstrom. This woman, she could sell me anything, even a paper bag for my skin & I would put it on. The Blue Cocoon is the ULTIMATE, it smells so freakin' good. I tried a tiny sample a few months ago and I'm still obsessed. I used it on my dermatitis and it was oh so soothing, love. Need. Want. Weep at the price. etc. 

Fashion wise I need new shoes (always) but really, I can't wear my beloved white converse anymore because they're so long past the state of being shabby chic that I look homeless if I wear them. Embarrassing. I'm definitely a converse with any and every outfit kinda girl, they're my soulmate shoe and I don't care who knows it. On another shoe note, those sandals are pretty cute.
I don't actually know if that ASOS kimono style tee would suit me, baggy tops can go either way on my slim frame so I gotta be careful, but it's so pretty!! I'm also not planning a holiday anytime soon, but I need a watermelon print bikini asap.

What's on your wishlist?

*collaborative post


  1. I've been seeing Glamglow everywhere. I like how it leaves those little oil spots when the mask is dry. It looks super cool. I can't see myself spending that much money on a mud mask though. : P The ASOS sandals are adorable! I recently got some brown sandals, but I suddenly want those so much more!

    My wishlist is jewelry and a pair of red heels that don't make me feel like Michael Jordan.


  2. The Glam Glow mask is on my lust list as well, I just need to talk myself into the price! I know the results will be so worth it, though!


  3. I thought GlamGlow was pretty good ingredients wise but it does have parabens in it :( I'd recommend the Our Tiny Bees one as its much cheaper and the ingredients are great. Those sandals are gorgeous from ASOS! x

  4. That bikini is also on my ASOS saved list, so amazing. x

  5. the blue cocoon is a MUST-HAVE!

  6. Watermelon bikini is super cute! And the Blue Cocon is on my wishlist as well! :) xx


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