5 Jul 2014

Favourite Apps.

I'm a tech geek, it's true. My apple collection is one I'm mighty proud of & I'd be lying if I said I hadn't spent most evenings this past week playing the xbox (actually not that common these days but we bought PVZ Garden Warfare & it's so fun!). I spend a lot of time on my iPad mini these days as it's just so convenient, it can do most things my laptop can and it's way better than staring at a tiny iPhone screen. I'm big on the apps and always browsing for new ones for my short attention span to have fun with for a little while.. here are some of my faves:

eBay - This is actually my least used app as I generally only check it once or twice a week (usually on a sunday or monday to see what new listings were put up on the weekend) I don't bid on millions of things these days but I keep my eye out for any bargain gems in my saved searches, most recently a brand new Kjaer Weis eyeshadow AND case for 99p! kerching. 

artCircles - I don't think there are many great art apps out there but this has potential. I find it tricky to navigate sometimes & it doesn't seem to be updated but it has great variety & will teach you a thing or two about the different art movements.

Instagram - Everyones favourite. I cant imagine what life would be like without it?! (would like an iPad version asap plz)

Bloglovin - Recently got a great update and redesign and I love reading blog posts on it, especially if I've fallen behind and have a few hundred to go through, so quick and easy. It means I can't comment on posts as much as I like but If i really want to leave a comment I mark the post as 'unread' to come back to on my laptop later.

Afterlight - I got bored of instagram filters and this is definitely one if the best apps for editing pictures, I usually edit brightness and contrast and then use one of the "Seasons" filters.. I like Magnolia, Sailor and Cave.

Cook M&S - Such a great little cooking app, I think it's rather new but they've thought of everything and there are some really great recipes on there that I need to make asap. It got a new update a few days ago with an avocado brownie recipe but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as mine ;)

PvZ 2 - One of my favourite games to play on the iPad, I played the original and waited so long for this, so I'm glad it's just as good! 

Dropbox - So handy for transferring files from phone to laptop to ipad or vice versa.

iBooks - I have the kindle app but I barely use it, I do prefer the apple book store for now and love downloading the samples to discover new books.. seriously I have about 40 sample books waiting to be read or have read and am waiting to buy. I'm Currently reading Dinosaurs & Prime Numbers by Tom Moran which is quite strange but hilarious.

Honourable mentions: Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, BBC Weather, 2048 and Sky Go.

What are some of your favourite apps?


  1. Thanks for sharing. There are a couple of apps there that I wasn't aware about so I will have to have a look at them!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  2. I love Afterlight too! So much more filters and they all look so nice. I love Coral. : )

    I've never heard of Artcircles before, but it sounds pretty cool! I'll have to check it out.

  3. The Bloglovin' redesign makes reading blogs and managing your own so much better! Great picks x

  4. I will take a look at Afterlight, as much as I try hard with my photos they rarely look as I would like then too! Xx

  5. Afterlight is really great! I have Dropbox on my phone too, I just haven't figured out how to use it yet!


  6. I love Afterlight, it's so good for editing photos easily and quickly. Just downloaded the M&S app too!

    Lucy & The Boys

  7. Love the bloglovin app and am downloading the cooking app. Sounds awesome. I'm loving vscocam for image editing right now.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  8. My fav is definitely IFTTT I hate to think about what I did before it..

  9. And for apps definitely vscocam (just iPhone) and Rookie (also iPad) :)

  10. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! KJAER WEIS EYESHADOW FOR 99p I need to get on this!! Definitely off to have a look for some eBay bargains!


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