17 Jun 2014

The Degree Show.

On Friday at 6pm the 3rd year UCLAN 2014 Fine Art and Drawing and Image Making Students all gathered in the Hanover Building (for perhaps the last time, sob) to put on a fab evening of nibbles (crisps) and wine (which turned into sparkling water pretty quick).
I didn't realise my time at university was going to come to an end so quickly or perhaps I would have savoured the experience a little more... however I'm still very glad it's all over now. 

I share my work on instagram quite often and always get a lot of comments but showing you all in a blog post is a whole other thing & I'm really quite nervous... I know a lot of people think art is pointless or if it's not a painting then it must not be art. My practise isn't traditional in any way so I feel a little self conscious about the work I make.

Throughout my 3 years at university I have been working on a loose theme of "control and the uncontrollable" It took me quite a while to realise that that was what was going on here until one day the light bulb moment happened. In this past year I have been creating a collection of line illustrations that follow no rhyme or reason. The process is one of patience and concentration while I let the lines develop themselves on the page to form their own image. The outcome is always unique and almost like an optical illusion with the movement they seem to create. As you move around them they seem to move and mess with your eyes a little. For my show I have a collection of smaller works on display as well as a much much larger canvas that folds and flows on the wall in a 3D manner. With this piece my aim was to be a LOT more ambitious and also to create something sculptural. The piece is made from a huge piece of raw canvas painted black, I think it plays with the traditional methods and conventions on typical canvas paintings, especially in the manner it is displayed with no frame and simply nailed to the wall, with huge folds pushed into it to bring the wave of the lines to life. 

If you're in the area the exhibition is open 10-6pm until Saturday. 

*Promise I own other tops, not just the cat stripey number.. but it is my favourite.


  1. Ahh you know how much I love these! A-mazing!
    As if you've done with uni now! gone so quick! I've got another year!
    Anna xx


    1. Eeeee thank you! ;)
      I know!! I'm not sure what to do now ahhhhh! x

  2. Congratulations on finishing your degree! I'm not usually one for more modern types of art, but yours are stunning and strangely beautiful :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥
    Blog Design Shop| Little Koala Design

  3. Wow, your work is incredible! I can only imagine how much time, energy and love has gone into your pieces. I especially love the large canvas, the sense of movement you've created via a stationary medium is very impressive!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. You are incredibly talented! I wish you all the best with your art, and if I were near (I live in Spain) I'd definitely come by!
    <3 M.

  5. Wow Annabel they're just lovely. Such unique perspectives and shapes. I'd definitely be there in a heartbeat if it wasn't so many miles away! X

  6. Your work is impressive! I love the optical illusion. And, not to be a creep but I'm convinced we have exactly the same body type! xx

  7. Oh art is anything but pointless, it makes the world a better place :) I enjoy your artistic approach. The large piece also shows the great amount of work, patience, concentration and talent it took to make - very impressive!

    ps. you rock that cat top!

  8. I LOVE this so much. Thank you for sharing. :) I do mostly collage or assemblages, so I do understand what you mean when you say people tend to not consider non-painting pieces art... HEH. Lovely lovely work.


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