16 Jun 2014

Soigné Creme Au Beurre Nail Polish

I never thought I was one for nude nail polish but when I got the Soigné Creme Au Beurre Nail Polish in last months Birchbox, my opinion changed! Creme Au Beurre is a peachy pinky nude with a hint of silver shimmer, just to stop the shade from being flat (it's actually a little more pink than my photo's would lead you to believe). 
The formula is a cream and I found that it took two coats to be completely opaque, though if applied thickly you could get away with one (but more chance of it smudging). I use a base and topcoat and find it lasts a good few days before any major chipping begins. 
Soigne is a new brand to me and I think it's actually quite a new range as I can't find much about them online except for on the Birchbox shop. I can't wait to see more from them as I am really impressed with this little polish, from the luxe packaging (seriously, even the box was beautiful) to the 5-free formula.

I hadn't done a nail post in quite a few months before this as I haven't been that impressed with any nail polish recently.. but now I definitely have the bug again after applying this twice since I got it!
What do you think of Soigné?


  1. Gorgeous shade, I love how sleek a glossy nude manicure looks. Very versatile, and looks lovely on you!


  2. God this is the perfect nude, I want it !

  3. SUCH a gorgeous colour!
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  4. Such a lovely everyday colour :) x

  5. This is very pretty. I love nude nails, they looks so chic!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  6. You NEED to be a hand model! (: No, I'm actually serious....

    Lillian x


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