18 Jun 2014

Lust List

Because we're moving soon (even though we don't know when or where yet) I've been very into browsing for pretty homeware pieces. I know it's not going to be anywhere near the perfect place for us to live, we probably have a few more moves until that... but some new bedding, a couple of decor bits and some new dinner plates feel all the more special when you're trying to make a new house or flat feel like home. I'm especially loving the new tesco ranges... some really nice bits and bobs, can you believe that bedding is currently only £9.50!? bargain. 

Beauty wise I've been having a lot of head troubles lately, so my wishlist is partly practical too. The Less Is More Herbal Tonic sounds a lot like the Philip Kingsly scalp tonic to me... which I used to really like. I bet it's really lovely and soothing on a scalp that's freaking out. I also thought the John Masters Scalp Serum sounded really interesting, a blend of oils to purify and balance sebum production along with alleviating irritation. 
The Beauty Without Cruelty Super Cover Cream Concealer is perhaps the cheapest natural concealer (£6.99) you can buy but also has some of the best reviews I've ever seen for a concealer! I'm intrigued! Definitely one I must try asap. 

What's on your wishlist lately? 


  1. Oh my, I'm loving the homeware - never expected those plates to be from Tesco, they're so unique and lovely! x

    1. I knoooow! I love that the set has different colours and the pastel shades are so sweet! x

  2. Holy Moly, you are so right about this concealer, never saw so many red hearts on Naturisimo! °-° I have JMO's serum - got it when there was a deal for the whole scalp set - it's soothing and the cooling gel consistency is really refreshing, scalp feels clean. Loving the mint chevron bedding, can't believe it's so cheap :) xx

    1. It sounds even lovelier now you've described it ahhhhh why must it be so expensive! x

  3. I also really want to try the BWC concealer! Need to use up all my Lasting Perfections first though :-| those plates are so lovely! X

  4. The mint chevron bed sheets match my blog background! I need them! Even if only for taking photos against,
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. Elemental Herbology has been on my wish list for a very long time, I still haven't managed to try anything from them but I hear good things :-)

  6. Tesco has some amaaaazing stuff in atm and it's so affordable I keep meaning to head down there! I've been eyeing up their polka dot duvet cover! That lantern from h&m is now on my wishlist!!
    Love the shorts too but not sure I could pull them off!!

  7. New house stuff is so exciting and Tesco have some really good bargains, also have a look at Matalan if you get a chance! On my wishlist at the mo is stuff from IMATS on Saturday; that's what I've saved all my money for!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  8. loving the dipped plate look !!
    I've recently been inspired by similar things! I've added some feathers dipped in paint and some toy animals dipped in paint to my pinterest the last week or so! Theres an idea to dip the animals feet in gold paint as well, i think it would make some great party decorations!
    heres my pinterest if you are interested in taking a look: http://uk.pinterest.com/ESRScreatives/ The things i talked about are under my 'hosting' board!


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