7 Jun 2014

Life Lately

Passionfruit cupcake / pomegranate / Albert Docks / Zara bag
Almond Butter / First time out in sandals this year! / Kjaer Weis!! *drool* / X-Men
Yours truly / Hat-Dog / Waffle, ice cream & raspberries / Artist tools

A little glimpse into life via my instagram feed. What would life be without that little app?? crazy. You should follow me if you don't already *wink* 


  1. Just realised that I didn't follow you yet! OMG. *follow* Done :D
    Lovely pictures as always <3 xo


  2. I saw that Zara bag at the store today! SO pretty! :-) and the X-Men movie was pretty good and I am trying not to compare to the earlier one.. What do you think of it?

    Friday Shopping! TheConscienceFund

  3. The passionfruit cupcakes look so good :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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