14 Jun 2014

Almond Butter Cookie Cupcakes.

When I first saw this recipe on Nouvelle Daily all the way back in March last year.. I thought wowzers, those look gooooood, but I don't like peanut butter! Fast forward a year and I've since discovered almond butter and it's like a whole new flavour sensation for my tastebuds! I remembered the recipe on Nouvelle and knew I had to give these a go a.s.a.p!

I tweaked the recipe for my own needs a little... though I have to say mine look absolutely nothing like Kate's version. I think it's because I used silicone cupcake cases and photographed them when they had completely cooled, losing some of that gooeyness. Oh well, they still tasted amazing. A hybrid cookie cupcake with the crispy top of a cookie, a soft cakey centre and a creamy nutty surprise in there too.

You can find the original recipe here but I swapped more than half of the sugar for brown sugar, added a dash of vanilla extract and obviously swapped the peanut butter for almond! nom nom. 


  1. mm I love that Almond butter! Everytime I buy it it goes down so quickly! Holland and Barrett do huge 1kg tubs of meridian so I am going to stock up on this to save some cash!

  2. mate, your pic looks yum. i dont like peanut butter so i will give these ago!


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