15 Apr 2014

Lust List

A change of season brings new needs and wants, just like always... 

I could spend paragraph upon paragraph telling you in detail how I very much need every single one of these items but I'm sure you already get it, no explanation needed ;)

Though... one quick question for you to answer in the comments, which bag?!


  1. I'd definitely go for the yellow cut out one :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  2. yellow one is looovely! Shame it's not that little bit wider though :(

  3. Definitely the yellow one :3 and if you get the ilia lipstick, I can't wait to read your review! <3

  4. Both these bags are amazing! I think it depends on how kitchy you are. I thick I would go for the yellow one--because I'm a scaredy cat, but my heart yearns for the red one.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  5. Definitely the red one! The Celsus scar cream works very well, you won't regret if you do get it. Also, how cute are those shoes!?!? *crazycatlady

  6. Now that's what I call a great wishlist! I'm also eyeing the Celsus scar, I've only heard great things so far. Regarding the purse, I might be a little bit biased because of my French roots, but I find the red one really cute ;) x

  7. the Celsus Bio Scar Cream is great for acne scarring, smells amazing and really hydrates skin. Honestly I think it's great as a scar cream, but also awesome as just a moisturizer . You can read my review on my blog, if you're curiouse ♥ Really want all the rest you listed!

  8. Nice selection!


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