2 Dec 2013

Monthly Favourites.

As I type this I should actually be typing something very academic about postmodernism... but my brain will simply not focus one little bit, so instead we have my November favourites. Something much easier to talk about simply because I know what to say!! If only postmodernism was as easy.

First up this month we have my good old Clarisonic, which has recently come back into my life after finally buying a new delicate brush head! I picked mine up from good old ebay for a fraction of the price and it was in perfect condition (I used this seller). I always use a delicate brush as I found any of the others way too harsh for my skin, the delicate one is just right for a deep clean without the pain and red-raw skin. I've noticed such a difference already since bringing the Clarisonic back into my routine, my skin looks smoother and a lot fresher already, plus the amazing feeling of truly clean skin is one I had really missed. 

Next up is my new favourite organic makeup discovery, the Green People Volumising Mascara. I've read a lot about how poor a lot of natural mascaras can be, with the exception of the most expensive ones. I wasn't willing to spend £30 on Kjaer Weis so I took a leap of faith and went with Green People, with some of the best reviews for it's price (£12) and have been pleasantly surprised! 
I'm not an expert on mascara as I usually avoid it thanks to having sensitive eyes and glasses, there's nothing worse than big black smudge lines on your glasses! This Green People mascara doesn't smudge, separates without any clumping, lengthens and adds a little volume, it's kinda great. I will do a full review soon so you can see it in action! 

An instant favourite from the moment of purchase was always going to be Dr Bronner's Organic Peppermint Liquid Soap. I use this for everything, washing my makeup brushes, washing my hair, body and even teeth (that was only one time, it wasn't actually that bad though). The peppermint scent is my favourite as I love everything mint scented but the lavender and citrus ones are also lovely.

My last pick is the Fushi Organic Calendula Oil which I mentioned a few days ago as a winter essential. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory herb, perfect for soothing any skin irritations or infections. I've relied on this bottle all month to soothe my dermatitis and it has worked wonders so I'll be keeping it around for any future skin emergencies.


  1. I never tried any of these products, but I'm really curious about them all! Expecially I can not wait for your Green People Mascara review, since it sounds great. And I think I'll give the Fushi Organic Calendula Oil a try.

  2. I love Dr Bronner's peppermint soap, have been using for years, love how it is multipurpose, I am also a fan of the Almond :)

  3. Great favourites! Can't wait to read your full review on mascara :) And calendula really is an amazing herb! :) x

  4. Amazing round-up! I can't tell you how excited it makes me to read a beauty blog that stresses natural products. I'll have try Calendula oil, as i'm basically obsessed with anything labelled with an 'o', 'i' or 'l'.

    xo Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  5. I've wanted to try that Green People mascara for the longest time after reading reviews about it! And a Clarisonic has been on my wishlist for the longest time, I'm not sure if I want to buy one myself but I'd love to receive one as a gift. Hint hint Santa!

    Gem x

  6. So jealous of the Clarisonic, I've had it on my wish list for so long!

    Leanne xx | Seeking Serendipity

  7. Great picks - Dr Bronner's Magic Soap is amazing for cleaning make-up brushes! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  8. I've wanted to try the Calrisonics for so long, they sound amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  9. We love Dr Bronner's in our household - Mint is my husband's favorite, while I enjoy the lavendar.

  10. I love Dr Bronner's soap too, I've not tried the peppermint but I think it's next on my list! *sending positive postmodernism thoughts your way!*

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  11. I ahve tried quite a few of the dr bronner soap scents and I recently bought the green tea version and it smells incredible x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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