30 Oct 2013


Everyone is allowed to go a little crazy around their birthday... right? Well I did & I have no regrets ;) Of course a huge beauty haul was in order and of course everything is natural/organic/fancy cause' that's just the kinda girl I am (crazy). I've wanted the Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo for ages now, it just sounded so dreamy and well, it kinda is. More on that soon. I also picked up an Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights, Living Nature Hydrating Gel Mask (....so good but smells so bad) and the Herbfarmacy Just Eyes eye cream. Thanks to spending a fortune on naturisimo I also got a sweet GWP in the Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe Shampoo & Conditioner duo, which I can now compare with it's minty sister. 
Two other additions were birthday presents... Butter London's The Black Knight which I have had on my wishlist for as long as I can remember & Vapour Illusionist Concealer in 010, the perfect pale concealer! 

I've also picked up a few other non-beauty bits in the past few weeks which you can see below! Help me decide with the boots pretty please??

Necklace - H&M £3.99

Jacket - Primark £17

Remington Curling Wand - Boots £19.99

Boots - Schuh £48

Ah yes, the boots. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots and nothing is really catching my eye. I have an issue with skinny ankles and thinking any lovely pair of ankle boots look out of place on my feet, so I usually look for something a bit taller. These boots from Schuh caught my eye and I ended up ordering them... they're lovely but I am so not a heels kinda gal, I feel so out of place walking about in them. These are comfortable with an easy to walk in chunky heel but... there's just something making me uneasy (the heel) and I haven't decided if I'm keeping them yet, wah! What would you do in my position? should I suck it up and learn to feel comfortable in heels with these, or go on the hunt again?


  1. I love the cropped jackets in Primark at the moment. I tried one on the other day and I'm regretting not bringing it home with me!
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  2. The shampoo sounds great! Love the boots too, I'm afraid I might need them myself ;)
    Roshni’s Journey

  3. Ooh looking forward to your review of the shampoo! I'd say keep the boots, especially as you said they're comfy and it might be nice to wear something different for a change! :)

    Ria x

  4. I think you should keep the boots, they're lovely and I'm sure you'll get used to walking in them soon :)

  5. Oh. I love that Jacket by Primark.:) Too bad they don't ship to Canada. :( I wonder if I can find a store online that will ship.

  6. Love the nail polish, its so pretty :) The boots are so cute as well, do you know if they have them in black? x

  7. That nail polish is so pretty! And I love the jacket as well x
    ♥ elín from elinlikes

  8. The Primark jacket looks so much more expensive, love it. Also the Butter London nail polish is gorgeous :)


  9. Love the Boots & the Jacket. The Boots look perfect for the colder months & you will get so much wear from them

  10. Beautiful stuff, I love the boots! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  11. You bought some lovely things, belated birthday wishes to you, the Herbfarmacy eye cream is a beauty! :) Xx

  12. I'd love to hear more about the concealer, I'm always on the hunt for one that suits super pale skin x


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