25 Sep 2013

Imaginary Autumn Wardrobe

It's another infamous fashion post for the unfashionable! (that's me ;)) I'm ever such a boring person when it comes to clothes, but I swear as I turn into a grown up I'm getting better at it all... maybe. I think it's difficult because I look at most 16, so there's that too...

As soon as the sun starts to say goodbye I start craving boots, winter boots of course, but any nice ones that appear I lust after. My favourite pair of Blowfish Jack boots are very much past their sell by date and I can't survive another winter with them unless I suddenly decide I love having wet socks when it rains... so the hunt is on! I am very much in love with these Topshop Marquis Multi Buckle Boots, but of course they've sold out of my size! I'll pray they get more stock but for now I've added these Bertie Pallas Chelsea boots into my imaginary wardrobe. I'd love a pair of boots like this but alas, my frugal student ways means I certainly cannot spend £90 on a pair of shoes! 

On to coats now and first is an imaginary addition, this amazing ASOS Biker Jacket in a Jacquard Print. This isn't all that expensive and looks so snug and warm for the colder months, the pattern makes it quite the statement piece to me and it looks great how the model is wearing it with just some nice black jeans and boots! Definitely going to keep my eye on this should it end up in the sale at some point! ;) 
Another coat I'm loving is the Bouclé Jacket from H&M, I may or may not have bought the grey one thanks to a 25% off code (0747) on the front page, cheeky! The burgundy one was actually my favourite but I already own a red coat so thought... best not! I absolutely love this coat, It was a bargain £26 with the discount and is completely different to anything I would usually go for, I feel swish in it. 

A few other bits added to my wishlist include this cheap and cheerful checked scarf from H&M, this would look snazzy with my new coat, right?! and of course, a new striped top is always welcome in my wardrobe, I am an addict, it's a serious issue. Lastly, something not particularly autumn appropriate is the ASOS Baby Fox print smock dress! Remember the hype over the elephant print dress? This is so similar and perhaps even cuter, could I get away with this in winter with tights? I love it! 

What's on your autumn wishlist?


  1. Nothing wrong with having simple tastes in clothes ;) looks like we dress the same way, I LOVE that fox smock but unfortunately because I'm so small smock dresses only ever serve to make me look like I'm 6 months pregnant and hiding it, so I have to avoid them :( x

  2. Love all your Autumn picks especially the coats!


  3. They have a much cheaper pair of Chelsea boots on fashionunion.com I just did a post about it on my blog haha imagine the coincidence! And they have free shipping to the uk in September :) just a heads up! Love the clothes on the wish list!


  4. I love that asos smock dress! I'd probably look as though I was pregnant while wearing that, but the print is so cute! x


  5. That smock dress is so cute & I love both the coats. I am on the hunt for a winter jacket. I have quite short arms so find it hard to get one that fits nice.

  6. Love these picks! I picked up a slightly similar pair of buckle ankle boots in Primark the other day.. They're not fur lined and are a darker brown in colour, but for the price I ain't complaining! :)



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