18 Sep 2013

Haircare Routine.

I'm pretty boring when it comes to my haircare these days. Wash, Condition and go, that's about it. I'm actually getting my hair cut today as it's grown so much since I last went to the hairdressers, I'm probably going to get it a little shorter than last time too as I kind of love it short right now! 

My hair is naturally quite thick, heavy and slightly wavy so I like to use clarifying shampoos and lightweight conditioners to stop it from becoming weighed down and greasy quickly. I also colour my hair quite often, usually red but I'm getting a little bored of that now... I'd like to go lighter, perhaps a lighter caramel kinda brown... though I have no idea where to start with lightening my hair as I always dye it myself.

I'm quite lucky in that my hair isn't particularly dry or damaged, I try to avoid using heat (mainly due to lack of effort) & I'd actually go so far as to say it actually feels nice and soft if I brush out the tangles ;)
For shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis I'm still using the Klorane duo that I blogged about here. I really like them and would buy them again, but I do have my eye on trying out some other brands too! 

In the past few weeks I have also been using the Ouidad Clear & Gentle Shampoo & a really basic (99p!!) red colour conditioner from Superdrug that I kind of love. I took this duo on holiday with me and found they served me so well that I'm using up every last drop now I'm home. The Shampoo is quite clarifying but still gentle, I'd never heard of the brand until I received the bottle as a free sample in a recent order but it seems lovely. The conditioner was purchased on a whim, I'm always swayed in Superdrug because their own brand products carry the leaping bunny logo and I can always find a few interesting bits to pick up. The conditioner is perfect for my hair, it washes out quickly and easily, leaving my hair soft and easy to handle, there's not much more to ask for from a 99p conditioner really.

Once in a blue moon I use the Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Reconstructive Treatment to give my hair a boost and up the ante with colour protection so my hair doesn't go dull too quickly. I used to use hair masks for coloured hair nearly every wash and while they can really extend the life of my colour they are often too much for my hair and lead to the lifeless, heavy locks I try to avoid. 

With a new hair cut comes a renewed excitement for all things hair! so we will have to see where that goes and perhaps I'll even blog about the styling products I use to maintain this easy breezy attitude I have perfected so ;) 

Do you have multiple shampoos & conditioners on the go like me?


  1. Great haircare routine they all sound lovely and I wish I had a good haircare routine!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  2. Your post has just reminded me to add Klorane shampoo onto my next shopping list - thank you! :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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