27 Sep 2013

Cleanser Collective.

We all know how much of a skincare addict I am, heck this blog could easily become a dedicated skincare blog! Good job I like blogging about other things too ;) 
I have quite the collection of skincare and thought I would show you what I use in separate categories instead of one HUGE skincare routine post, I like to switch up the products I use depending on how I feel and how my skin is feeling. And of course I love trying new things! I have a few sample size cleansers that I'm using too but thought best not mention them or we'd be here all week!

This also means it takes me forever to use up some cleansers as they can get shuffled out of the rotation but I do use up most things eventually. When looking for a cleanser I look for ones that are suitable for combination skin, I like to use a balm or cream cleanser to remove makeup but always follow with something lighter and more purifying to deep clean my skin and also remove any oily residue which could cause me to breakout.

The Makeup Removers

In this category at the moment I'm using the Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream which I've had for quite a few months now. I tend to go for this one when I'm wearing less makeup than usual and whenever my skin is sore or stressed. It's a really gentle cream cleanser (as the name suggests) that leaves my skin soothed and soft after use. Clarins suggest a strange method of cleansing for this but I do follow their instructions because it seems to really work! I massage the cream into my face and then rub my hands together with any leftover cleanser and press my hands to my face, I then lift my hands away quickly. This creates a suction effect and feels like the dirt is literally being pulled from your face! It's possibly a gimmick but I like it.

My second makeup remover of choice at the moment is the Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm*. This is a true balm cleanser, it's thick, oily and does not emulsify into a milk on the skin. You need hot water and a flannel to remove this stuff but it does a fab job at melting away makeup and conditioning the skin. This can also be used as a mask and moisturiser. It does however contain shea butter which can aggravate acne prone skin, so I wouldn't want to keep it on for any long period of time. The main ingredient is actually Rosehip oil which I love, so I can forgive it for that and continue cleansing to my hearts content.

The Purifiers 

Starting with my most recent repurchase, the REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser is my favourite cleanser at the moment as it's helping to decongest and calm my post holiday (read: awful) skin. I make sure to use this on clean skin to get the benefits of the clay and almost use it as a mini mask, leaving it on my skin for a few minutes at a time.
Another favourite is the NUDE Purify Cleansing Wash, this is my second bottle of the stuff as it's a real gem. At the moment this lives in the shower and is great in the morning or as a quicker second cleanse. It leaves my skin really soft and.. purified of course. I've reviewed this in full previously (here) proclaiming my love, but when this bottle runs out I'm not sure if I will repurchase *gasp* as there are so many other cleansers I would like to try right now!
My third and final face wash in this category is the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Purifying Cleansing Wash. This is actually nearly all used up and I wish it would hurry up! not that I don't like it, but it's really dragging out it's demise now and I'd like to throw the bulky bottle away! It was nice & refreshing in a morning but isn't anything spectacular. 

The Brightener 

Just the one brightening option and the last cleanser I'm going to talk about today. Another Super Facialist number, this is the Vitamin C+ Micro Polish Wash. An exfoliating face wash that I haven't really made my mind up on yet. The creamy formula is packed full of beads to buff away dead skin cells and leave skin fresh and bright. I find this to be just a little bit too harsh on my skin as I haven't used a manual exfoliator in a long time and I haven't noticed it doing all that much for my skin. This definitely needs more time to see results so I will keep using it in the mornings to wake me up! 

Well done for sticking it out this long, you deserve a cookie! 
Are you as cleanser crazy as me???


  1. I feel the same way about the Superfacilist Tea Flower wash. Despite doing a good job it's mediocre, nothing special at all and THAT SMELL, ugh, I can't stand it. I do find it dries my skin out a bit too. The rose creamy cleanser is DIVINE though and I really want to buy that again but since I adore Clarins I think I might purchase the Extra Comfort Cleansing Balm instead.

  2. Great post! I'm a skincare addict too :) At the moment my favourite cleanser is the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm.. I never thought I'd like a cleansing balm but I adore this one! I really like the sound of the REN cleanser and NUDE cleansing wash!


  3. I adore cleansers, so I adore this post :).
    My favourite cleanser at the moment is the balance me cleansing face wash. You only need a little bit, so it lasts so long. Also the smell might not be to everyone's taste but I adore it!

  4. I love the Ren mask too and really want to try the Neal Yard cleanser x


  5. I love cleansers, I have a slight addiction, but actually i've not tried most of these! Great post, I've got some new ones in my spotlight now and I'm definitely going to check out the Super Facialist ones as I love their face masks so much x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  6. I am loving cleansers at the moment, my favourite would have to be ARK Skincare! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. Great post! I'm a bit addicted to cleansers at the moment so I'm going to have add a few of these to my wishlist :) Is the REN clay cleanser drying at all? x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  8. I'm becoming slightly addicted to cleansing balms! Not heard much about the Neals Yard one though so I might have to check it out next time I'm in store - the scent of some of their rose products does put me off a little though x

  9. the superfacialist cleansers do last for a long time, I'm using the Rose one and it wont stop going! I do enjoy it though :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  10. Ren clear calm is my all time favourite, it's such a life saver x


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