17 Aug 2013

Smock Dress Decisions...

I ordered 4 out of 6 of these, I know!! am I crazy? Well That's my favourite thing about ASOS, the ease with which you can return things, and their awesome sales, every one of these lovely dresses is in the sale! I've promised myself I'm only going to keep one. ONE. Which is where my problem lies.

My favourite of the bunch, upon ordering was the Motel Henrietta Smock Dress in Alphabet print, and then seeing it in person I loved it even more, trying it on confirmed this but... it's a tad see through and even with white underwear you can clearly see the outlines. A white slip would fix this, or a bit more confidence but I've decided against keeping it for now as I wouldn't get much wear out of it.
I also ordered the ASOS Acid Wash Green Smock Dress, just for fun as I liked the colour but unfortunately as I'm not a gloriously tall model this swamps me a little, another no go.

The two dresses I didn't order (but may do if all else fails) are the Striped Cold Shoulder dress & the Motel Pyramid Print. The stripe one is beautiful but I fear it looks HUGE on the model & may just look like I'm wearing a sack. Can we tell I'm really digging monochrome, they're all black and white.

Now we're just left with the last two that I honestly can't choose between (I'm not keeping both..... I'm not!! ;)) I've had my eye on the Aztec Print dress for such a long time now, and when I saw it was in the sale I couldn't say no.. the only niggle in my mind is that I already own an aztec patterned dress, do I really need two? ;)
The Tile Border Print Dress (top left) was love at first sight a few days ago, just look at it!! This is my current number 1 choice but I cant make up my mind for definite. I'm awful at committing to a decision, can't you tell?! It does ever so slightly swamp me a little but it doesn't come any smaller... I'm also looking for a dress I can wear all year, with tights come winter & I think this may be the one?

What do you guys think?!? ... 


  1. Im slightly in love with the first one! May order it next week if its still available :)

  2. smock dress' are so pretty, I think I love the first one! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  3. I like them all, but I think the first one is absolutely amazing!! A keeper ;)

  4. These are so pretty- definitely keep the tile print one, it's amazing! I love this style of dress, they can be so flattering! xx

  5. I really want to get myself a smock dress, theyre so cute! love the green one x

  6. All these dresses are so pretty I love the green dress xx


  7. The green is my favourite which is unusual for me, love the other choices too :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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