11 Aug 2013

It's The Little Things... #7

This Whittard's Guava & Kiwi instant green tea has possibly been the highlight of my month, so good! 

HRH Lyla.

Okay, last mention of my peach lemonade recipe ... promise ;) (maybe)

I think this is a cornflower, either way it's pretty fancy looking.

My obsession with flowers just keeps on growing. 

What a lazy little pie!

There have been so many butterflies where my mum lives, literally hundreds flying about everyday, they're so beautiful. They laid what appeared to be ALL the eggs in a patch of nasturtiums in the garden & well... just see for yourself. Monsters! there's hundreds of them and they've destroyed the garden and all mums veg now.  But hey they turn into pretty lil' butterflies sooooo...

I feel like some of these pictures were taken 3000 years ago when most of them were only 2 weeks ago, well maybe 3 now. We're just waiting around to move into our new flat for our final year of university at the moment and everything is taking so long to organise, plans keep being put on hold and I think we're being messed about a little but there's nothing we can do. 

I'm busy trying to get ahead of blog posts at the moment for when I go away on holiday! (18 days!) but I'm struggling because I like to write my posts the day before, not the week before! I also have one or two guest spots open, so if you'd like to post here on my blog while I'm hopefully sunbathing in Spain, tweet me/email me/whatever! It's nice to have a little variety, so it can be anything you like! :)


  1. Love your photos! They are amazing :) Hope you have fun on your holidays :)


  2. I need to try your Peach Lemonade recipe - looks delicious.
    I am the same, I don't like writing posts way in advance. I like to write them & post them at the same time. Or like you say the day before.

  3. Nice pictures. Your pets are great models!

  4. Lovely photos, can't wait to try the peach lemonade!


  5. Such lovely photos! I'm super jealous of your Spain trip! Have fun!

  6. Love your photography and your holiday sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. Love your photography and your holiday sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. Beautiful photos as always :) I love Whittards tea so much!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. These are really lovely photos. I really like to see little snippets of bloggers life's and this kind of post is a great way to do that. Good luck getting ahead with all your posts! x


  10. Mmm... peach lemonade! I loved that post.
    Enjoy your holiday! :)
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  11. Your roses and carnations are GORGEOUS. I'd never have thought of putting fuchsia with yellow but it's a beautiful combination! Hope your moving bits and pieces all go smoothly from now :) xx

  12. Absolutely love your blog! xx

    Lizzie x


  13. Lovely :) I recently finished up a Whittard's tea that I think was called dreamtime! Yummy!



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