6 Jul 2013

Nail Art Experiments with Rio Nail Kits

It may (or may not) have been apparent that lately I have really been into looking after my nails and painting them every colour under the sun. I've been regularly posting nail posts here on my blog and also over on Nouvelle Daily so my hands have been getting a lot of love! (hence also my nail care post a few weeks ago).

I was recently sent some very professional looking kits from Rio Beauty to try out and have a play with, putting my nail art skills to the test! I have to admit, I have terrible shaky hand syndrome. I can barely hold a drink without disaster and taking photographs? It takes me absolutely forever to get the perfect non-blurry photo's for this blog, if only you knew!!
It took me awhile to pluck up the courage to give these kits a go. I ordered a few nail wheels to practice with, attempting to copy a few of the easier designs from the booklet that comes in the kits. It turns out I'm excellent at polka dots and plain old stripes, who knew?! ;) I attempted a couple of other designs, butterflies, flowers, lighting bolts and such but to be honest I wouldn't ever bother to painstakingly draw those on my nails and have them chip or even worse smudge before they're dry! (plus, let's be honest.. my drawings really were terrible).

Earlier today I finally got around to giving them a proper go & painted my nails a nice a neutral colour (The free ciate shade from last months marie claire if you're wondering) & picked a small bright colour palette instead of going crazy with all the different shades. I chose the orange, purple & pink from the neon kit* and the shimmery white from the pastel kit*. I really liked the outcome for once with simple dots, stripes and neat little flicks from the brush. I was really surprised how easy it is to use the brushes actually, they look ridiculously long and fiddly to use but they're not at all. The pens themselves are also amazing quality, I've have no trouble at all with the nibs clogging up and rendering them useless like nail art pens from the past! (a major pet peeve). I'm sorry for the instagram photo by the way... I had a camera glitch and couldn't import the photographs I took!

I'll definitely be experimenting more with some nail art & I'm sure you'll see in future posts! I love that they send a paint brush along in the kits to paint your whole nails with them too! I probably wont use the gems or glitter but they're a nice addition if you're doing something really fancy! I think I'll just stick to good old spots and stripes though, you can't go wrong...

Do you guys ever attempt any nail art? Share your tips with a rookie!! ;)


  1. Wow your nails turned out so cool, I'm starting to get back into doing nail art again and I always wanted a set like that one. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

  2. This makes me want to get my nail art pens Back out and give them another go :)

  3. I usually never do nail art because I'm lazy, but I've done three: cupcakes, floral, and galaxy! They were pretty easy, so you should try those out. Just YouTube a tutorial :p

  4. Beautiful nails, Annabel! I never ever do nail art because I don't have the patience to sit there and do the designs, let them dry, etc. Yours turned out so well, though! :)

  5. Wow these are gorgeous! I especially love the design on the middle nail.
    I rarely do any nail art because I'm lazy and I keep my nails so short that I don't have much room for nail art.

    Celina | The Celution

  6. Wow, you are so neat at painting your nails, I love the designs! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. ooooh this looks great! Nails look amazing!
    Fashion Ganache.


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